Monday, November 26, 2012

Ice Cream Cream Cream ♥♫♪

I’m like sweet ice cream, I’ll melt you
Fresh ice cream cream cream cream cream
Chocolate ice cream like my dark skin
Sweet ice cream cream cream cream cream

By:    Ice-Cream - Hyuna (English Version)

Hello, yummy guys~

Making an old post again. #wtf

I really admire other bloggers can updated their blog right after event end or the next day. Their blogging spirit are high, not like me.... lazy fat blogger...   ╮(╯﹏╰)╭

By the way, I going to talk about it again. #lol

I got an invites from Nuffnang to Baskin Robbin Flavor Election Final last Friday. It was fun and the important........... free yummy Baskin Robbin Ice-Cream cream creammm....

I can eat all flavor of ice-creams.... I means the five flavors of ice-cream (poster above) and choose the most yummiest ice-cream.

One scoop of Baskin Robbin Ice-cream no matter cone or cup already costs about 6 or 7 bucks and I ate about 10 scoops equals to 60 bucks (average). #omfg
This is alot.... I dare you guys never eat 10 scoops in one time if you need to pay for it. Right?

Sorry for blur photo. Selca skill regress. #lol

Actually I just ate two scoops only la.... I'm saluted to some people who ate more than 5 scoops at that day. This is crazy!! They really ice-cream lover or..... actually because is free? Perhaps #lol

This was the main reason I went there and gave up the invites to The Shout Awards from 8tv who had invited NU'EST and VIXX, the new KPop group. Since I am not really Kpop fans others than YG families (all artists) and Running Man members, so I think 'food' will be more important than watching them singing live. #lol

By the way, new ombre hair colors I dyed myself before heading to the event that I called this hair as Galaxy Hair which has Purple, Blue, Turquoise, Pink and  Plum.
Finally, I had a more than 5 colors in a same time for real. Not hair chalking. #lol

Another reasons I went there was to meet Joyce and Hanis ZalikhaHaze Long and Audrey too but I end up failed pictured with them because I am so embarrassing requests them. #socialawkard #omfg #ego #wtf

I swear will brave up myself pictured with my favourite bloggers next time. *crossfingers

Event about to start.

The crowd of the day. Thanks Nuffnang for the T-short too. Supposed I get yellow t-shirt but I end up get grey t-shirt. Maybe some mistaken on registration. #nvm

Omg!!! Joyce was so cool and stylish on that day and Audrey was standing behind me. She's too cute and tiny. >.<

Jamoca Almond Fudge is too yummy!!! Its tastes like Gourmet Almond Popcorn. Buttery and salty sweet. Yum yum....

Staffs were too busy served for us. Everyone picking their choices of ice-cream flavors.  

The second scoop I ate. Very Berry Strawberry but its doesn't taste like I expected. 

I ran away when came to the annoucement of Winner Election Flavor. Went to have my dinner + supper at D'Fortune. I love their service and their yummy steak.

Food porn again. #wtf
Mushroom soup with bread and D'Fortune Spicy Pasta.

Mushroom soup. By the way, this soup not belongs to me. #lol

D'Fortune Spicy Pasta. This pasta definitely my favorite. 

My main course. Black pepper grilled lamb steak.

Yes!!! Two people need to finish all sumore with a Gaint cup of Ice Lemon Tea (sharing).
We took 2 and half hours to finish all those stuff and end up stomach become bigger. #lol

Gonna end this post by posting the last selca of myself without makeup exhausted face with my two fatty poddles. Aww... so cute...

Bye bye.
Sign off.

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