Monday, November 5, 2012


Just back from family gathering. I am social awkward especially with my families siblings. I just sat on sofa doing nothing, no playing ipad or phone because both gadgets make me lagi boring!!! I bored with apps!!
Just sitting there looking for little cousins running and playing around. Duh!! This makes me wanna back to my chilhood time. No Stress Peace Yes!!

Back to yesterday post!!!

I think I came to this world just for eating!!! I LOVE foods!!!

And Yes!!! This time targeting >>> IKEA FOOD!! #lol

Haha!! We had no reason coming to Ikea except their foods!!!
Meatballs and Chicken Wings for sure.

When foods was in front of me, normally my friends can saw my face with full hapiness. 
Foods is HEAVEN!!! Lol

Chickens wings, Meatball, Mushroom soup, Salmon sashimi, Cinnamon, Curry puffs and Lemon grass wholestick. 
I end up makan till so full till dinner also can't taken anymore but bitches still had next round to go on after it. 

When we reach ikea, of coz.... played their stuffs 99....
Spot my negro naked baby... Muahahahaahha....

Hey!!! This is the main point!!! 
F*ck U!!

Lastly, new colors to my hair!! Yay!!!
Gonna blog about it soon. Teehee...

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