Saturday, November 10, 2012

BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Malaysia

Annyeong!!! Finally!!! This post is coming!!! *eyeblinking

Sorry for delay post. I just to busy with my final assignments right now. After blogging I need to continue my ass-signments sumore I can't sleep afterward because I need to wake up early for Pipit Event tomorrow.

I been filter again and again to choose for the best photo pictures that I had shoot that day because I had more than 3k photo pictures in my hardisk. Omo!!! This is ridiculous!!! I just hope that that moment never end till the end of my life. It's so awesome and wonderful. AWW!!!

This will be my very first heavy post pictures with load of BIGBANG other than magazine scans.

Brunch before heading to BigBang Concert coz I know I will hungry after till BigBang concert end.
New menu dessert that now available at WongKok. Yummy 'GaiDanZai'

A poster of Bigbang.
While looking at this poster, I am listening to their rehearsal. I can heard Daesung oppa seems excited with this concert because he non-stop greeting VIPs with high pitch voice. #lol 

A lot of stalls selling ciplak BigBang t-shirt. 

No wonder how early they start queing.

BigBang banners that I got from BigBang Malaysia Fans Club. 

Meets a friendly-stranger friend who wearing Running Man t-shirt while selling BigBang fan.
This makes me wanna buy this t-shirt after playing with his sticker name. 

Chency, chency (talking to myself).... Do not spend money anymore!! #wtf

Paste it back while he is too busy selling his stuff to VIPs.

I hope Running Man comes to Malaysia. I want meet Grasshopper!!!

BigBang BigBang. 
Btw, still in dilemma to buy for 2NE1 concert.
Money nono, Time nono. Assignment due-date yes yes. #fml

Special event from BigBang Malaysia Fans Club. 

T.O.P oppa birthday is coming soon so VIPs decided to sing B'day songs to him.

The instructions.

The official merchandiser that selling BigBang stuffs. I'm aimed a BigBang Still Alive jacket but my money wallet no no at that moment because that jacket cost 249 bucks. I just brought 100 bucks at that day.

Selca photo picture while waiting my friends queuing for BigBang Alive T-shirt but she end up did not bought it because she can't call his sister for final decision "but again" she queued again for the t-shirt after her sister replied her. #wtf

Raining supposes should be cool but I am so so hot because the rain was not heavy and the raincoat really made me sweat alot. Stupid plastic raincoat.

Nothing to do while queuing for entry. Selca again and again with my new sunglasses. #lol

Another selca. #wtf

Far view while waiting the exact time of concert start. VIPs are ready to rock the show.

And more.

And more. #wtf

I think the best view is from the staff canopy.

Selca again of me.
I quite like my hair style after raining. 
Luckily I am wearing waterproof eyeliner and it's proof of its water-resistance. 
Thumb up for this brand. #Canmake-waterproof-eyeliner

Ooops... Few minutes before start concert. It's raining again!!!

VIPs are wearing raincoat while waiting for BigBang show start.

Actually I wish to see BigBang oppa's' getting wet when the show start but unfortunately the rain was stop. I think rain also loves BigBang as well. #lol

And again selca of myself wearing raincoat.

The show start!!!!
I don't want to captions anymore while photo pictures actually can described everything on that night.

I am so regret for not bringing zooming lens so I end up shoot them in a very limited distance area!! Another regret moment in my life. #FML

By the way, all those photo pictures were captured by me. Enjoy peeps.



Dizzle. One raincoat for me and another for my little Chency (dslr). #lol

My favourite member between BigBang.

T.O.P and Daesung.
Zoom lens no no so end up blur capturing. >.< #fml

Another blur photo pictures. -.-

The epic gestures of T.O.P after VIPs sang B'day song to him.

1. Alive (Intro)
2. Tonight
3. Hands Up
4. Fantastic Baby
5. How Gee
6. Stupid Liar
7. Ppeokigayo(Knock out) - GDTOP
8. High High - GDTOP
9. Strong Baby - SEUNGRI
10. What Can I Do - SEUNGRI
11. Gara Gara Go
12. Number 1
13. Crayon (Short part) - GD
14. One of a Kind (Short part) - GD
15. Bad Boy
16. Blue
17. Love Song
18. Birthday song to T.O.P 
19. Monster
20. Feeling
21. Look Only At Me - TAEYANG
22. Wedding Dress - TAEYANG
23. Wings - DAESUNG
24. Haru Haru
25. Lies
26. Last Farewell

27. Heaven2
28. Bad Boy
29 Fantastic Baby
30. Hands up

High Resolution Official Photo Pictures that I grabbed it from BigBang Official Facebook page.

I still remember the epic conversation between when GD asking for T.O.P to say something to VIPs (asking in Korean).

And T.O.P replied.....

"Nae, It's an honour to be with you guys.
Tonight is all for you.
Thank you Malaysia.
You're amazing crowd.
I'll remember every single faces....
please take care. 
Till the day we meet again..
Thank you so much."

Duh!!! He don't even see my face (face-to-face), how comes he remember me?
I burst laughing when he said this. #lol

By the way, these are the video that we sang Happy Birthday to T.O.P and the Opening Show Still Alive Intro.

End my post now. Bye bye.

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