Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Neon Color

Neon nail colors!!!! So attractive can die. Love the combination of single turquoise blue with neon yellow. This colors also make my hand looks more fairer and longer. Sometimes I feel my hand like ghost's hand #wtf Quite scary lol

By the way, almost all peeps asking me the same question makes me kinda irritating now.

They asked, "Is this your real nail?"

And I answered, "NO....LA!! Is a fake one. *irratating smile"

Of course is REAL la. I mean my long ghosty nail is real one. My nails is more tougher than others (my friends said de) so this is an easy task for me if I want a long nail. I also had broke my nail before, mostly because my health conditions wasn't so good or I 'ter'touch something much more tougher than my nail.

If you asking me if I broke my nail will it painful?

Hey!! Ah soh!! You say leh? Of course pain la!!! But depends from condition whether slightly pain or teary pain or *F painful. I just tried slightly pain lol. Muahahahahaha....


I am too boring hide in my room for 24 hours except college time doing my assignments for non-stop. Actually not really... stalking dude and watch youtube also lor....

By the way, my very first video assignment will be post out few days later after submission and I hope did not disappointing my friend who accompany me for burning midnight oil for two nights continuously.  I really want to find some day to treat her delicious.



Sorry for the sudden write nonsense... No!!! It's related!! My video needs sound to get everything done and I damn pik cik finding the right sound for my video!!! *salute to sound and effect designer

By the way, if you guys have some way to download song from itune without paying please contact me (search me at sidebar) because I am not willing to pay any single cent just for a song. It's not worth it... to me...

Some food to makes you guys and myself starving...

In case you guys considering what is this restaurant? This yummy japanese shabu shabu ala buffet calls Suki-Ya at Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur. For more you can view here.

Kindly remind, if you like to eat Flammulina or Mushrooms this will be heaven for you but if you wish to eat fishballs or zap balang like other steamboat restaurant.... this is not your place. They did not serve this!! I hate fishballs and zap balang side dishes except porkball only so Suki-Ya is the right place for me. Lol

The very original me holding three kinds of meats, chicken, lamb and beef. Why so different one compare with my blog picture? Lol.... No make-up ma... Make-up is a good cheater and nowadays got some software and apps that has beautify function. So, my advise is NEVER TRUST PHOTO PICTURES. Just enjoy looking but never expect 'we' will looks like your expecting. Lol

Sign out now, kthxbye. :D

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