Friday, October 19, 2012

Nail Runway

Hello guys… Welcome to my creepy blog…
While I am waiting for my new hair color so I decided to have a visited on my bloggieland.

Rain rain go away ♩♪
Please come again another day ♩♪

Raining day makes me feel cold, sleepy and moody. (╯﹏╰) 
Although sun such a hate but I still prefer sunny day. At least I feel cheerful every day when I woke up. *smile (╯▽╰)

Today post will be my first video post. Not vlog but is my very first video assignment.

What is the content of my video about?

Lol… As the topic of this post, my video is all about nails design means showing different kinds of nail design in this video. Thanks for the little shorty fingers, @Yukie (my best bitchy) to help get all this done. She helps me for the exterior setup and lighting and also shows hers little shorty fingers that were my model in video. She also accompany me burned two midnight oil while she is actually busy with hers assignment too. Thanks a lot!! Muacks!! I shall treat her something delicious.  (3)

View my video and comments are very welcome for helping me to improve more for my multimedia video & audio.

After viewing.... any comments about this video?
By the way, there was a rule for this video which is not more than 1.05 minutes so I really closed one of my eyes to export this output. I will update again for longer version with nicer sound.

Here are the back scenes on how me setup my stage, exterior and lighting with my partner and also model of this video, @yukie.

My fat dummy dlsr. This big fat thingy really helps me a lot for my assignments and also high quality photo pictures.

The main characters for this video. Which is your favorite? Mine are the gangname style (turquoise coat with black ribbon) and blue & red cross british nail.

The non-understandable sketche. Nobody will understand what actually I sketched because I am using Chency font. Lol

I was repainting gangnam style nail design because one of the designs was gg already.

My favourite turquoise nail polish. Do you spotted my black and white polks dots nail design?

The shop. Hahahaha… I just using paper to make this because I am too lazy to build a tough one.

The setup of my dslr. O-ring-flash, table lamp, phone lamp and fluorescent lamps in the room made the perfect lighting.

The overall setup for this video. I adjust the most suitable light almost cost me more than 6 hours to found the greatest one.

Lenses, adapter, battery charger and others. I am wasting my time for overall 2 hours just for waiting my battery full of charge. I end up borrow my friends battery so I can speed up my works.

We still keep on setting the greatest lighthing. *most difficult task

Other zabalang thingies.

Checking for the nail.

The little shorty finger, my model of this video. Lol

Erm…. I think I was setting on other things… perhaps….

The epic gestures!!! Do you know how tired am I keeping this poses and repeated again again for more great shoot and NG from the model.

Trying on other shooting angels.

Close up panning.

And more!! *wtf

Hahaha!!! I look like a boss reading something document jiang…

Paste sticker on the fake nails to stick them on model nail.

Trim to fit the model nail.

Cute-cute nails are waiting for their shoot!! Lol

So…. YA!!!
This is the back scenes on how this video born…
Btw, view the video (above) and leave your comments at here or youtube or you can email me too.

Going to end my post here and ready to wash my bubble hair. New hair color reborn!! (Dark chocolate only lor… *wtf)



  1. Namo Amitabha, it takes alot of time to do the nails :S Visit my website for more Wisdom Your picture frames are very beautiful and unique. Is that your drawings?

  2. Yes. I draw myself. i just learn this from youtube. :D