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Extreme selca photo of myself first before I start my post.

A requested post.

I get quite a lot of readers emailed me asking about my skincare. For not disappointing my readers, so here is it!!!

I apologize to all readers for cheating. Sorry so SORRY!!! I do not have perfect skin… only baby does. I mean my skin does not expect like you saw on my blog.

You know picture is a big LIAR!!!

I am a super lazy emotional bitch.

I wash my face depends on my mood. I do not wash my face when I am moody, lazy, sleepy, surfing internet (almost 24 hours), rushing and happy?! #wtf  I wash when I on date at the day or any special day or even when my brain told me that she wants me to wash my face.
I am not washing my face already so how about the other steps?! *bo ko lian lar  
Poor to my colleagues always look at my dirty face.

What is my skin type?

My face is combination oily skin type so I have pores and serious blackhead on my nose. Pimples only visit me when I am on menstruation and I always had a war with it. I love to pressed immature pimples with my dirty finger because I really cannot tahan any pimple on my face and it’s transform to scars now. =.=” 

I should not supposed to have dark circle and eye bag but my life completely upside down now so my hormones becoming unbalance therefore my face looks extremely dull with no spiritual. Damn!!!

By the way, my mum always yells at me saying that actually is my retribution. T.T

Seriously I need to take more attention on it.

This is my skincare. SEE?! I have a lot of skincare products but I just only used them 2 times a week in average. #wtfg  I should always remind myself to start using now before everything too late and thanks mum for not giving up my face brought a lot stuffs to my face. *touching

What I’m using?

Scrub - Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula RM83.00

Cleanser - Clinique Liquid Facial Soap in Step 2 Combination Dry RM82.00

Toner – Dr.Brandt Lineless Tone RM179.00

Serum/Essence – Dr.Brandt Light Year Away Whitening Essence RM469.00

Moisturizer – Dr.Brandt Pores No More Pore Effect RM219.00

Eye Essence – Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-on RM24.90

Eye Serum – Dr.Brandt Dark Circle Away Collagen Eye Serum RM219.00

Eye Cream – Dr.Brandt Light Year Away Brightening Eye Cream RM369.00

Face Lift – Bio Essence Face Lifting Cream RM29.90

Sunscreen – Biore UV Aqua Rich SPF50+ RM33.90

Sunscreen – Dr.Brandt UV SPF30 RM179.00

Pimple Cream – Oxy 5 Pimple Cream RM5.65

Oil Paper – Clean and Clear Oil Control Film RM5.65

Lipbalm – Maybeline Baby Lip Anti-Oxidant Berry *sponsored (RM9.99 retail price)

BB Cream – Garnier 3 in 1 BB Cream Moisturizer SPF25 RM19.90

BB Eye / Concealer – Garnier Light BB Eye Roll-on RM24.90

Makeup Remover – Mandom Beauty Cleansing Express Agecare RM39.90

Makeup Remover – Methode Swiss Makeup Remover RM80.00

Note: I just voice my opinion about the products respond to my face and I am not create scandals or talking bad on it.
Understand / understood?
*good, whatever

In case you are wondering which skin type actually you have, you can read my previous post here and analysis your skin type in which categories.

As I mention above, mine is combination oily skin type. I live in a hot country with no four sessions but only summer so combination oily or oily skin is so irritating!!! I need to find a very good oil control products and make-ups to make myself as matte as possible whole day long.

A treatment before cleansing my face, Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula
I love the scrub because this scrub can be scrubs every day. It helps exfoliating skin and brushes away my blackhead and flakiness. Ya?! I always scrub my face when I have a bad face day.

A cleanser, Clinique Liquid Facial Soap in Step 2 Combination Dry. 
I choose the wrong cleanser!!! This cleanser does not control my oil very well just abit bit only… I will change to Step 3 Combination Oily or other brands after finish it. I found that Dr.Brandt Light Year Away Whitening Cleanser quite good and control my oils very well (sample kits tried before).

Toner, Dr.Brandt Lineless Tone. 
Erm… I don’t know how to describe it. I do not see much effect on my face and I think this product in a warm average.

Serum or Essence, Dr.Brandt Light Year Away Whitening Essence. 
This essence is my favourite products!! Quick absorb, lightening and effectively. I can see my uneven skin tone become better and lighter. I love this product so much!!

Moisturizer, Dr.Brandt Pores No More Pore Effect. 
A good product for my pores and control my oils very well. Does not feel thick and heavy after applied this.

Face Lifting Cream, Bio Essence Face Lifting Cream.
Suck products!! I just can see result for 30 minutes after I applied on my chubby face. I have do research about this product on internet, quite a lot of people said not effective and only suitable for age 30 and above. =.=” #wtf

Pimple Cream, Oxy 5 Pimple Cream. 
A strong and effectively pimple cream. Love the effect of making my pimples disappear or smaller but my mum said this products destroy my face very soon. T.T

Eye Essence, Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-on. 
I wore this when I woke up and saw my puffy eyes. This really help me reduces my puffy eye.

Eye Serum, Dr.Brandt Dark Circle Away Collagen Eye Serum. 
Do you saw the name? Dark circle away collagen eye serum… This product extremely lightens up my dark circle. The only cons is I dislike the texture suppose should like aqua gel but not. The texture likes a very light  cream.

Eye Cream, Dr.Brandt Light Year Away Brightening Eye Cream. 
Just did like the product above in pros and cons. #wtf  A great combination with the product above.

BB Eye / Concealer, Garnier Light BB Eye Roll-on.
I start to know this product after reading post from Xiaxue. I always finding a light texture concealer but conceal very well to my eye so I brought it and I love this so so much. This BB eye or Concealer coverage my dark circle very well. I also tried to use on my pimples before and it’s still coverage perfectly except super big pimple. Thanks god, finally I found the best concealer in my life and this is the cheapest concealer come with moisturizer in a same time that I brought before.

Suncreen, Biore UV Aqua Rich SPF50+. 
I brought this products because I addicted to its label wrote water essence and water base. I do not like apply sunscreen because I feel like have a layer on my skin that block my skin from breathing and mostly sunscreen makes my skin feel more oily. This product doesn’t!! I feel like not applying on my face and matte whole day long.

Sunscreen, Dr.Brandt UV SPF30.
A very good oil control sunscreen. This products come with very light texture but I still feel my face like been blocking so I just use this product seldom.

BB Cream, Garnier 3 in 1 BB Cream Moisturizer SPF25. 
I do not like BB cream because my face turns greyish after I applied it. I use to know this product after me reading from Xiaxue post also. She also mention the same problem about BB cream and after I saw the texture and effect on her’s blog so I decided to brought as a try. Surprisingly, this thingy really good like what Xiaxue wrote on her blog. The cheapest but better BB cream than others.

Oil Paper, Clean and Clear Oil Control Film. 
This is important to who have combination dry, combination oily and oily skin type peeps. This always make me stay as matte as possible.

Lipbalm, Maybeline Baby Lip Anti-Oxidant Berry. 
I only apply before I went to sleep. This thingy helps me keep my lip moisture the next day.


So, this is my daily skincare routine. I know I know very ‘kua jiong’ right? Honestly, I do not complete all steps everytime. These seem quite bothering my time actually but what my mum said was right?! I should start keep attention before getting too late since I have a serious unhealthy lifestyle now. *Salute to my lovely mum.

My ‘kua jiong’ (Exaggeration) skin care already introduced to you guys. So how about yours? I know you guys only using cleanser, toner and moisturizer then already have a good skin. Okay lar… I admit that my skin so bad with a lot ‘kua jiong’ stuffs on my face lar… Envy you guys a lot!!!

By the way, I post out the price of the products are because as a refer for some of you guys interested to buy and also been requested from some of readers.

Email me if you have any request from me –

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