Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chency in BloggieLAND


As I mentioned from my previous post, I changed a new blogskin again. #wtf

YUP!! One of my hobbies is to get renovation on my bloggie by myself #syoksendiri
I love prettie thingy. I want to make my thingy beautiful around me.

Again… I start to renovate my blogskin.

As you can see my blog you should wonder how long time I use to did this? (No helpers only myself with my smart buddy, Brain.)

Erm…. Because I quite busied so I took quite many days to finish it. If deduce my busied time, I think about four to five days I could finish it.

This blogskin really juice out my brain. All about html, css and javascript. I wrote a lot of versions one by one in my laptop notepad to get these whole things done. I’m start from zero slowly transform out this blogskin and of course I get to use some experiences from my previous blogskins too.

The different between this blogskin with previous is header. Try to refresh my blog and you will notice what is going on. YUP!! My blog header changes every time when you refresh or visit my blog so won’t let you and me boring with bloggie header.

Other than that, I also added post background. This is what I want for long long time ago but I do not know how to make it and now I success create my own. I use a day to understand more about CSS and Javascript. I wrote a lot of version… I think more than 10 versions… AND NOW I MAKE IT *   
I burnt my midnight for many nights and be deserved.

I also change my sidebar too. Adding sidebar tittle img and background. One of my sidebar is transparent background with different font type and other just the same with different title images to makes my blog doesn’t look crappy and relevant.

The last one…. The adsense… Yeepee!!! This is one of my incomes now. I do really appreciate to all lovely who trust me and advertise on my blog. A lot more will go on soon. Interested? Contact me or here to know more.


By the way, another unrelated updated here.
I wonder when Iphone 5 will arrive to Malaysia. I waiting for this gadget till my neck long.
The first impression to me of this Iphone 5 is not pretty as what I thought but I was wrong after review some of the video on youtube.
Iphone 5 in black color is beautiful and white also not bad but me more likey black color.
Oh Malaysia and Apple Inc…. When you come here? I am waiting for you so badly….

 Here are the review and the look of the new Iphone version 5. Black are too awesome to look. Lol XD


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