Friday, August 31, 2012

AXE Anarchy Island Getaway

Ola, peeps~
If you have an opportunity for travel to a beach, how did you attract dude/chick looks at you? Not only just pass by but left an image in their eye.

Since I don’t have charming ‘S’ bodyline to attract the opposite sex to looks at me…. SO…. I need to rely on other methods to make the opposite sex attracted by me.

To attract the opposite sex, I will…

PERFUME IS A MUST!!! A good smell of perfume is the great helper to attract the opposite sex. Who would like to date a smelly girl? B*tch please~~ Human are using nose to analysis before brain. Trust me!! It’s true!! We always been attracted by the smell of food before we tasted it no matter delicious or not. Therefore, perfume does the same function too. I will prepare a perfume that suit me most and wear at the day. Make sure it’s longer lasting too. Lol If perfume is too heavy for you, maybe deodorant bodyspray will do. Recommend to try AXE Deodorant Bodyspray. It’s come with many variant that suits you best.

Waterproof make-up stuffs with light make-up on that day. No creepy smoky look or else I end up been looking by people. Oh wait!!! Everyone looking at me…. I successful attract the opposite sex!! Hooray!! And then, I will end up with an unforgettable day ever in my life!!!

Aha!! This is super duper whooper sexiest action ever in the beach when someone is sweeping sunscreen on their body. I never leave my sight off from they. Lol So, I want using this action too to make everyone never blink their eye on me. (make sure remove all unwanted hair) Sitting on a bench starts sweep the sunscreen on my leg with sexy reaction on face and then make the opposite sex says, “Peewhee~~” when they pass by. Hmmm…. What a genius idea?!?! Muahahahahhaha…

Remember!!! No DSLR!!! The big thingy will mess your plan!! A mini waterproof compact camera will done a marvelous job!!! Taking a camera and start action by asking the opposite sex that I aim and request for camwhore together. Imagine if the guy also interested to me and then maybe asking me for a drinks or contact id. Wow!!! I happy till die!! Then I come back posting the pictures with me and the opposite sex and lets people envy to me~  Oooopps… March-eight attitude slowly shown up. Lol

Confidence really attract people plus with smile sumore!!! Come on!! This already gives zillion electricity shocks to the opposite sex. Oh ya!! Brush my teeth and check whether has any left foods on my teeth from preventing damaging my image. Smiling is the message to everyone that I am friendly to communicate.

By the way, AXE with Nuffnang Malaysia is ready to send lucky one pair of invites to 4days 3 nights trip to Carribean island that worth RM20,000 to have blast with awesome people at there.

Carribean Island~ Wohooo!!!

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