Saturday, August 25, 2012

1 year old of


I started my blog at 2010. I opened a blog because it’s was a trend at that time and of course now blogging still a trend but since everyone looks super cool in blog therefore I did the same thing too. A thing was not changes till now was this blog still a crappy blog. I blogged a lot of craps thing likes fashion, foods, travels, status, friendships and now advertorials, sponsors and reviews too. I so glad that bloggie become one of my incomes now, I not mean to take advantage of but since I have this opportunity then why not? This is an experience!!! I should do it since I was young!! Right?

I get a sponsored from Cynet for my blog domain starts from last year. This was my second sponsored. I’m extreme happy when I get a mail from them for sponsor me a domain name for my blog. I was like, “OMFG!!! It’s UNBELIEVEABLE!!” till I’m been contacted to pick a name for my bloggie. This was how ‘thechency[dot]com’ appears on the top browser now.

AND NOW….. #thechency[dot]com is ONE YEAR OLD!!! 
*clap clap clap clap 

Actually I did not notice this but I get an email from hosting for greeting #thechency[dot]com Happy Birthday. They are extremely nice!! I never expect them would sent me another mail anymore since last year.  

The real birth date of thechency[dot]com was 18th August but my busy life postpone this draft post quite a lot time. Sorry to my blog L.

By the way, let’s makes a wish…
Bloggie: “Wish my master should often updated posts and please STOP watching movie!!”
Me: “Wish my blog has more visitors and I’ll NEVER stop watching movie. Lol.”
And visitors? Come to visits more often and follow us!! (button at the left top or click ‘follow’)

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  1. Happy Birthday to your blog. U looks gorgeous here :D

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