Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kyong Joo Korean Restaurant

Because I am starving now so I decided post out food photos make me and others with same situation hungry more. LoL #wtf
I am food lover!! I will not because of diet then give up food!! NEVER!! Therefore, I am fat #wtf
Do you love Korean food? It’s ranking no.3 to me after Steak and Japanese foods.
Btw, Korean Barbecues are too delicious… Nom nom~~

Side dishes… Kimchi kimchi~ Toboki!! And barbecue~^^

See this photo make me more hungry~ #wtf

Whole table full of foods… Their foods are too delicious… Btw, because I don’t want give copyright money to my friend therefore, I block her face… Lol

Epic face credit to my friend when she is enjoying her foods…

Barbecue barbecue… I want barbecue!!! ~~o(>_<)o ~~

Too delicious… All dishes almost end…

The last epic pictures to close this post… Good night~ Continue my assignment… #wtf

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