Monday, July 30, 2012

1+1 Eyelid Tape

Aloha, my lovely peeps~

Are you a lazy person like I am?
Are you needed to wake up earlier because of make up?
Are you PISSING off to remake-over again when NOT-SATISFIED WITH YOUR LOOK?

Oh~ Lovely chicks~
In this new era there was an awesome human create this super-duper easy and convenient.
It’s saving your money, makeup and the most important…. Time!!!

So, ladies and gentlemen….

I would like to introduce you this thingy which make my life easier…. BLACK EYELID TAPE

My friend introduce this thingy to me before that she saw on facebook and she said maybe I may use it but I rejected her coz I am tired to try a new eyelid tape anymore. I have thousand types of eyelid tape at home, double side, thinline, fibre, wide, and more… Until I get this from NEENEEFASHION.COM

I have a pair of cute single eyelid so eyelid tapes are mean a lot to me. Who do not want a big cute attractive eye? Since I do not have it, so I need to FAKE it!!! 

I got mine here so where’s yours?
Where to get them? Taadaa!!! NENEFASHION.COM
It’s a worldwide shop so chicks from everywhere can buy from them!!! Not only make-up stuffs they sell, they sell fashion too!! Click in and take a look!!

Let’s start!! Firstly, you need a pale face first before you transform to a hot chick!! LoL
Ps: Never show me you pretty natural face because I know I don’t have but I still lovely to stalk your photo picture and get jelly by myself. LoL~ Wanna show off? Why don’t you follow me on twitter or facebook or INSTAGRAM?

Eye might get dirty so we need to take a safety step first for not wasting the eyelid tape. Therefore, clean your eye before apply anything on your eye. Take a cotton pad and then put some makeup remover (*make sure your make up remover is not oily. Mine are aqua base) on it. A little drop is enough.

Gently wipe off because your eye are weak so please do not hurt it or else you might get eyelid rash. You may choose other method like pat your cotton pad on your eye for few second.

So, my eyes are clean now!! Ready to rock the eyelid tape?

Tadaaa~ 1+1 = 2 in 1 eyelid tape. Lol~ It’s easy, fast and save my time. Btw, in case you are confusing, NENEFASHION.COM is selling 14 pairs now. If you want a trial, this is the best package for you. Remember, it’s international worldwide!!

This is the shape of the black eyelid tape. It’s look like too long in here but trust me!! After you applied, this length is not enough to you.
Gentle pull out. I am using tweezer to pull out.
Black eyelid tape is different with other eyelid tape. You need to paste as close as possible with your lashline because it’s not only an eyelid tape but also eyeliner. This is the example how to paste you black eyelid.

Taadaaa!!! This is the look after applied black eyelid tape. It’s really easy, fast and save your time!! So, why don’t you get yours too?

And the last step you need to add on is apply eyeliner the corner outside and back of your eye to complete your eye makeup and NOW YOU”RE DONE!! 

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