Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sweetest 19’s of me

 Bonjour, mes chiennes belles ♥♥~

Today is will be words post~ No photo of my celebration birthday because too many private so since I need to juice out my brain to solves this problem then why don’t I just ignore it. Lol~
*Actually this picture is one of my newest cover blog header but it’s doesn’t show my personality so I rejected this. Since this picture is useless therefore I use this as my blog post picture. Lol
Happy Birthday to Chency aka Ccy. Yeah!! o(v)o

Oh yeah!! My 19’s birthday~ Happy birthday to me and thanks for everyone wishes and GIFTS!!!

Omo!! This year was truly amazing celebration on my birthday celebration. I appreciated the efforts they putted just only to shocked me ( o ) !!! Oh well they are success~ Damn them!! LoL

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Monday, July 30, 2012

1+1 Eyelid Tape

Aloha, my lovely peeps~

Are you a lazy person like I am?
Are you needed to wake up earlier because of make up?
Are you PISSING off to remake-over again when NOT-SATISFIED WITH YOUR LOOK?

Oh~ Lovely chicks~
In this new era there was an awesome human create this super-duper easy and convenient.
It’s saving your money, makeup and the most important…. Time!!!

So, ladies and gentlemen….

I would like to introduce you this thingy which make my life easier…. BLACK EYELID TAPE

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Passionate Being Faded

I still remember when I was a 4 years old kid, how I fall in love on drawing. 

It’s quite impossible for a little kid memorize a moment at that age but how amazingly it’s so clear in my head till now!! Seriously!! 

The third day of my kindergarten life… I asking for my mummy to teach me draw a thing call human. 
Oh well, I am a bit late for my kindergarten life because I am refuse to study when I am age 3. 

Life should not being tie that early… 

Every movement when my mum starts drawing, I am so extreme excited looking forward for the end of drawing. 


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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kyong Joo Korean Restaurant

Because I am starving now so I decided post out food photos make me and others with same situation hungry more. LoL #wtf
I am food lover!! I will not because of diet then give up food!! NEVER!! Therefore, I am fat #wtf
Do you love Korean food? It’s ranking no.3 to me after Steak and Japanese foods.
Btw, Korean Barbecues are too delicious… Nom nom~~

Side dishes… Kimchi kimchi~ Toboki!! And barbecue~^^

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Ready for WAR

Just a short updated here.

The average of sleeping everyday are two hours, so one week only sleep 14 hours which means I am not even sleep more than 24 hours?!?!?! #wtf Then one month I only sleep 48 hours <<== only two days!!! Pressure, stress, headache are always surrounding me and my face, body are start unbalance. Diseases may come to visit me soon. Now I only understand why designer are die earlier. =.=”
Even when I am sleeping, my head still like awake thinking for assignment assignment assignment…. makes me sleepless
Fuuu… This sem of war is so hard. I can’t imagine the next round how will I become!! Video sumore… FuuuuuuXk!!!

My eye seriously become panda~ #wtf

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

[MAG SCAN] Popteen July 2012

*Picture is heavy and load will be slower. Click the picture to enlarge view. 

Sorry for late updated. Love bikini? This month issue is the right choice for you!!

Alot of sweet and cute bikini inside. 
Do enjoy sweeties. :D

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Chalk Chalk Chalk it UP!!

Hi guys… if you are mine instagram friends you should know that I change my profile picture to a very attractive hair. If you haven’t yet, follow me @thechency. :D

Back to topic, actually Malaysia is quiet slow with trends. I pretty sure that quite a lot of peoples did not know what actually hair chalking was? If you are fashionista, just give me a high five!! With basically logic, hair chalking is using a color chalk and then color on hair and that is!!! Oh yeah!! THAT IT!! This is the meaning of hair chalking!! Simple enough!!

Hair chalking is a temporary hair coloring which is suitable for human who want to be fashionista at the same time without dyeing or damaging hair. You know Malaysian’s parents not really like their children being so fashion coz they always think it’s just like ‘mm sam mm sei’ (gangster). They just love us to be a nerd with dim hair color and smart look. =.=” Therefore, hair chalking definitely can fulfill your dream.

In fact you still blur what the effect you can get by chalking and this is one of the effects that you can play with it. #Ombre/Dipdye

 This is ombre or call dip-dye.
I am using 8 colors which are 
cotton pink (038) > light purple (062) > fuchsia pink (022) > red (057) on my left hair and turquoise (029) > light green (039) > baby sky blue (028) > blue (030) on my right hair.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

I am Fucking hate this!!

And again… the same problem… my Samsung ST500 front view camera broken…
This time more serious!!! Just left 1/10 part can be view only…
Luckily the warranty haven’t expired yet so I can fix it for free and need to wait for few weeks… =.=”
I think better get a new one… I want a multi-view SLR but I can’t find any brand so… Haiz…

This is the before when the front view still works very well…

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pica Speaker

Today’s topic will be scenarios of my recently life by picture. I am too lazy to spread my life out word by word. Honestly, I always lack of word whenever I wanna update my blog. I have no idea how other bloggers able to commit themselves and blog almost every day without fail. *salute

Life is too busy. Busy life with no entertainment equals to boring life. No points!! Therefore, relaxing is a need. My nightlife picture… To who know what is that meaning, you know I know la… To who did not get it… just act know know la… XD

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

“Hello July!”

Wow, just like a flash of timeline already July of 2012.
I still feel like on the early of the year… coz it’s still too clear in my mind.
Everything changed in time but I pretty sure one thing never change….

Zombie being now… I am so dry!!!
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