Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You just hit me

Hello bitches, I’m back visited my bloggie again. Miss me bo? XD

Just kindly remind to all readers should drink more water to keep your body before you dry like a zombie. If you will just like me now, super pale tired face with eye bag now but double eyelid why you don’t appear too??!!??!! pulltable.jpg

Btw, my work is lighter now so I played with my hair again!!! AND AGAIN!!! EPIC FAIL!!!
I want ultra violet dip-dye at my bottom hair but at the last the result I get was…. erm…. It’s does violet but it’s dark and not attractive at all… #fml Btw, it’s turn out quite pretty purple with blue? but when under sunshine or fluorescents… It’s not what exactly I want… So I go to re-dye soon… Give a rest to my hair or else my hair will turn out piece of shit soon…

Some of the process I grabbed from my Instagram…. I quite enjoy the process when with this bitch… She is the one who make my hair epic fail… Hahhaahaha... *joke joke

This is the bitch that I always want to punch the most… We helping each other to dye or hair… :D

The first result after bleached that I get… It’s too yellow and I extremely hate it coz it looks so dirty… Going on the 2nd time bleaching….

Barbeque again my little root… 

The second result after second time bleached… Much more better… I had nothing to show for the third process of dying my hair to ultra violet coz we start tired after several hours of playing…

And…. TAAAAADAAAAA…. The result…. You can see just black colour in this picture but trusted me, its glow purple with blue? when under sun.

The next day with my new hair, see…. Me not really likey… On order Maniac Panic back to my coutry coz my country did not selling this product…
Oopppssss, before I forgot to say Bye~~ :D

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