Sunday, January 1, 2012

Twenty Twelve

Happy New Year!!
Piu~ At the last I already rush for this blogpost in the first day of last minutes. Piuphew~
By the way, this post will be the first post in this year. Yay!!

Do you have an awesome celebration for 22 hours ago?
I think some was going blast with friends or family and some maybe working or going lonely alone…
But never mind, 2011 was gone so looking forward with this year with optimist mind.

Back to topic, yesterday (31st Dec 2011) I actually already dated with my classmates for celebration of the New Year.
And oh thanks to college department creating this special day as exam day sumore with hard memorization subject.
So because of this exam some of them were freaking tired over using their mind so they put an airplane to me and I realize that some celebrated with their beloved.
Okay fine~~ Double also make decision for single. I admit that!!

I don’t want going be lonely on the last day so I grab my phone and ask for joining for New Year~
Hooray!! Amelie, Biibee, Eevene and Poly accompany me… Thanks girls… *touching with tearing

AGAIN!! We back to Sunway Giza.
Not there, but still under Dataran Sunway, Encrop The Strand.
Not going to blab la bla anymore.
Let the photo pictures bring the story out. =)

Play camwhore by myself alone in my home. My family go out to new house swimming while I being #ForeverAlone in my home. Again, I HATE BEEBII last year!!

I do realize that a photo without flash make me looks less chubby and eye bigger. Never PS at all. Love this.

I am so happy be a passenger but not a driver. I sucks being a driver anymore.

Arrive at Encrop Strand. Ready for blasting.

Going for some chit chat at Gourmandis Restaurant again. We not going for any alcohol tonight so we go for soft drink but the price are dammit higher than alcohol drink.  #WTF

Amelie and me.

Elvene and me. I miss this girl so much. Glad to having the last day of 2011 together. =)

This is one of my bicth bestie, Beebii. She cute and adore but sometime make me wanna punch her. Heng~~ Muahahahaha…

Another picture with her again. =)

Seeing this hair~ Aww~ My style of color but not on my hair but on Bee hair~ Mention: Is fake one!! Muahahahaha~

Bee, Elvene and me. Oh my~ Why Elvene so lady one. I mean her attitude and her everything. Envy~

Another picture with Elvene, the gentle-lady~

Guess who? Lol~ Amelie lo~ She is the lengluii driver of the day.

The stage of Encrop Strand. Ready for blasting?

Put your hand in the air and say YAY!! 

The music is awesome at that night but my ear abit hurt at that night too.

The awesome DJ. I love the long hair one coz when he pet his hair is aww… 

The chick host of the day. They are 8TV host and THEY ARE DAMMIT LENGLUII. Envy~

The favourite photo of the day. I love the blur effect when I capture it. Don’t you feel a little similar if you always tweet with your smartphone or iPhone. Guess it?

Someone start dancing on the floor. Wuhoo!!

Going more and more. Challenging each other!!

Wuhoo!! The hot part!! Dancing together. Brave!!

Rock your body and make some noise~~ YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Hip hop on the floor.

The laser man. He awesome handsome with his lighting dance. Confussing? Try youtubing. They famous on #Youtube.

The second favourite photo of the day.

Look at this picture. I look enjoying this show but I did look funny weird too. Muahahahahaha…

Guess who? The one more girl I didn’t mention just now. She call Poly~ Another cute girl call POLY.

Acting weirdo in this picture but Bee did not. =(

Okay, being normal back. Taadaa~ Normal again?

Nope, kick Bee away and going camwhore with a leng luii, Elvene.

Again, call Amelie and Elvene try stuck on this photo.

Camwhoring with Amelie and her sister, Poly.

The picture of all of us. 

Countdown, starting!!

Boom!!! Fireworks release…. Happy New Year!!

Firework oh firework. How come you so beautiful one? 

I love to hearing the sound when the firework release. 

Okay, going to end the post. All of us wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 
Wish everyone have a great start on the New Year. Cheers~

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  1. I see you have got a nice celebration there! Happy new year! I am new to your blog. =)