Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Wedding

Haha, I back to talk about the Christmas last year.

Honestly, Chinese people still believe with Chinese traditional superstition.

So, when the Sifu (erm… how said… like the one who you believe that will brings you everything will be better in future… just like witch??? Oh~ Whatever… Conclusion, the person will help you make our life better. That all!!) choose this special day as my cousin wedding….. I just like har? Isn’t that day going to some special day with?

Although is a weird day for me but I do wish them happy life ever.
I do realize that a lot of people choosing Christmas day as their step to going married status.
Btw, hope everyone will live inside dream of sweet happiness. Congratulation!! Wuhoo!!

*All of the photo pictures are from Eric and thanks for him.
I don’t know why recently I become so careless till I getting wrong with my exam day, brought out my DLSR and camera but their memory leave at home, my phone gone but god treat me nice also…
WHY? Lol~ I lost my phone but I get a new galaxy tab when I was at somewhere shopping. Hooray!! I knew God love me. =)

The protagonists of the day. Hope they live happily ever after. =)

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Twenty Twelve

Happy New Year!!
Piu~ At the last I already rush for this blogpost in the first day of last minutes. Piuphew~
By the way, this post will be the first post in this year. Yay!!

Do you have an awesome celebration for 22 hours ago?
I think some was going blast with friends or family and some maybe working or going lonely alone…
But never mind, 2011 was gone so looking forward with this year with optimist mind.

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