Thursday, December 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II Smart School

Ola peeps... How's ya Christmas?

Happy to the max or opposite?!?! or Just like usual?
No worry... One more moment to go before ending the year of 2012.

Guess what? I think you should know lol, the last day of this year...
Trying to plan well this time if you miss crazy Christmas. Hehehehehehe....

Okay, belated post again this time.
I just going too crazy busy for last few months ago plus I need to unblock my email address which I had sent my event photo pictures (this one) to there but unfortunately I'm still haven't fix my hacking email address therefore related photo pictures for this post was only few including my selca. Sorry guys.

Oppa Chency's Style. 
Opening post by my own selca.
Ohhhss.... Fatty Lady...

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fear Factor

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to knock

Merry Christmas!!!

Did you guys enjoyed your Christmas Eve or still rocking Christmas Party or Peace Family Dinner?

I celebrating my Christmas with my bloggie by blogging out this super belated post. Decided to rest for today with my family and doggies, just after busy rocking my assignments and Christmas Eve party yesterday. #lol

Oh ya.... Say YAY!!! FOR THE WOLRD DID NOT END. #peaceyes

Opening post like usual, my selca photo pictures before I continue a blogpost. No else, this is my style.... and extremely self-center love human too. *givemeten

Thanks Nuffnang and Astro for giving me opportunity to attend this super awesome fun event.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Shibuya @Parkamaya

Wanna be fashionista with something different?
Love Shibuya style? 

Visit Parkamaya at @Fahrenheit88?!?!

"the rule are different here"
Parkamaya offers something very different here if you looking for something unique that suits your style.

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Omo!!! WTF happen to My Face

The world still yet no end so I have to keep on updating my blog-post and a lot of interesting entry waiting me to post out. 
Haiz.... Story too much to create #wtf #lol

And to all Chinese peoples, Happy MidWinter Day or else was Happy Winter Solstice.... 
Quite confusing to be spoken of but nevermind..... 冬至快乐, guys.... although already end...#wtf

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cried & Won

Mark down my personal emotional.

My families and friends even myself always believe me is a tough and domineering person. Perhaps my characteristics and personality plus my zodiac was Leo make everyone around me think I have king of sailing therefore Im'ma the one who always make the final decision even also in my family's decision. So, I would never cry even when I broke up with my ex-boyfies, getting injured no matter serious or duh!!  or some heart attacking me, only one and the only one I burst cried in front of my friends because my TyTy (hamster pet) was dead when I was in high school.

I always think that crying was such a sympathy. So, I do not like looking at friends or anyone crying in front of me because I dunno what to do at the moment but when if my girlfriends cry because of tiny thingy I will start getting annoying by their tear and think, "Walao!!! Always cry no tired de meh?" "Why do you cry?" "This thing/case makes you cry but...... just nothing?!?!" "Kena scold pun mau cry arr?!?!" etc... etc... 

And today...... I'm cried in front of my tutor and colleagues because today suppose should be my game presentation but my laptop dead in the half way when I still burning the files to a disc for submission. At the moment I still glad that me have a soft-copies as a backup at my external hardisk so my feelings at the moment was not sad just duh!! to my stupid old laptop. 

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wendy's KLCC Launch

The tenth outlet of Wendy's Malaysia had officially launch on  14th December 2012 in Suria KLCC. 

*Take a break for myself from rushing my animation and I am decided to updating my bloggie.

Yay!!! A new foods & beverage option in Suria KLCC. 

For your information, Wendy's was a fast food restaurant. Perhaps not as prominent as other fast food restaurant but Wendy's provide some alternative if you're looking for something different.

Other than that, Wendy's not only ensures that each burger is fresh off the grill, but also allows the customer to customize their burger just the way they like it. Wendy's always take important to their foods by a quality burger.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

So Wholesome, So Awesome

Thinking of what to have for breakfast everyday?

Or you don't actually eat breakfast?

Please take breakfast everyday for your own good and you will notice actually yourself will be more energetic for rest of the day. 
Seriously, who else love non-spirit human unless you leave in your own world. #lol

So, already understanding the important of breakfast? 
Yay? or Nay?

Anyway, just listen to me. Muahahahahahaha.... #lol

I have a very great breakfast to share with you guys. I think you guys already know what actually I want to share because quite alot of famous blogger already share it out.

Share a very cute white uncle to you guys first before continue my words.
picture credited to BLGN

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Ma's Tranformation

One of my old picture that I did not post up online.
Let this be the beginning of this post.

Give me verbiage abit bit first before I start the topic.

I do not know what the hell happen to my flash software. >.< 
It's just suddenly become blank stage and every functions did not when I export to swf file. #omfg I need to reinstall again my software and please no more weird msg pop out.
Please please please.....
*ignore this if you did not know what the hell I'm talking about. just make this as blablabla

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Thursday, December 6, 2012


Ooppssssyyy.... I forgot to update Popteen Magazine Scan...
By the way, I resize the magaine and here is it...

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Megan Fox

Hi hi everyone~~~

After writing this post I need to continue rushing my assignments. I know I know, you guys get bored when I always almost mention 'assignment' in every personal blogpost. 
Sorry, no else... This is my life. o(╯□╰)o #lifefact

Finally!!! My blog can access already~ NuffnangX has some Malware detected from Google Chrome makes most of blogs (NuffnangX's members) can't be access in. Great that NuffnangX team works like rocket to solve this problem for us. #lol

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Im'ma Dirty Messy Queen

A very old picture that I snapped this year Chinese New Year. Spot my skin so flawless and luster, my eye are big than now. -.-" 
Btw, I am excited for Christmas. Wuhoo!!

Brainstorming a very personal quick post today.

I've been sleeping so much lately, I just had too much fun in my dreamland. I can't woke up by myself until me been woke up by human, I mean my mummy, alarm clock is useless for me anymore. Seriously, I am not kidding!!! #lol o(≧v≦)o

But I don't think I should sleep too much because my final submitting of my assignment will be next week meanwhile I still have a lot to go to finish my assignment. #fml I am so headache whether can be finish my ass-signments on time or not!!! If not, I will bang my head!!! *bangbangbang

Now, the time is 4.33am. I just woke up like 10 minutes ago!!! #wtf  And I still haven't bath yet since yesterday coz I 'ter'sleep till now. (+﹏+) Please call me dirty messy queen. #lol

Yes!!! A very quick post I write for this post, so I gonna end my post now to save my time for ass-signments and bath too -_-  Btw, I still haven't post out quite alot of 'interesting post' so please do always back to visit my blog. #lol

Teehee.... Bye guys~ *digusting goodbye kiss╭(╯3╰)╮

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Friday, November 30, 2012


Morning earlybird.
Blogging by tab because I decided to skip Friday class and taking public transportation to go back home coz if by car sure jam one. If I have car back to home, different case lor.... #dafuq
I am very sleepy just now and now too but when I helped an old woman for taking the right way to her's destination. My mood and feelings turn great likes a sunshine now after she saying thank you to me with 100xxxxx appreciate heart. Helping people is a happy things and of course depending on situations sometime. #lol
My life concept was, 'Work hard, Play hard'. Sometimes when work too hard and play too hard too, I am such like a zombie exhausted because battery in a very critically mode. I need to take at least more than 8 hours to charge myself back to full battery mode but I don't even sleep more than 6 hours everyday equally. #lifefact #bitchlife
And because final submission of assignments are around corner and I still have alot to do more, so I am dilemma weather going to meet Jane Chuckei this Saturday or not? I want meet her so so mich since she is one of my favorite blogger and I believe AshTonic will popup herself too on yhis upcoming Saturday.
Btw, Yay!!!! and thanks for the invites. ∩__∩
#Omfg I finally reach home!!!! Gonna end my post now because I want charge myself to full so I can continue working hard but no playing hard before I done my assignment. #lol

Sign off,
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Monday, November 26, 2012

Ice Cream Cream Cream ♥♫♪

I’m like sweet ice cream, I’ll melt you
Fresh ice cream cream cream cream cream
Chocolate ice cream like my dark skin
Sweet ice cream cream cream cream cream

By:    Ice-Cream - Hyuna (English Version)

Hello, yummy guys~

Making an old post again. #wtf

I really admire other bloggers can updated their blog right after event end or the next day. Their blogging spirit are high, not like me.... lazy fat blogger...   ╮(╯﹏╰)╭

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fear Factor Fearless Challenge

Ola lalalalalalalala~

“Fear Factor House – Is your chance to experience Fear Factor live!” 

Loving to watch Fear Factor show? Love the truly expressions of participators when they facing the challenge and me start wonder if Malaysia could also have this challenge too. Good news!!! Astro’s Fear Factor Malaysia will be showing start from this December 2012 at Astro Ria (104) hosting by Aaron Aziz (Cute Macho Guy).

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Monday, November 19, 2012

My Geek Life


Squeezing a personal post today.

Yay!!! I back to my Instagram again. If you still haven't follow, welcome you to click here > @thechency

The reason I more active on my social life, twitter and instagram (no facebook) because I can't hang out anywhere started from last week because my dad seized my hot chili (car) with a reason, "I hang-out too much!!!" 
Other than that, my pocket money also being control. *madsad

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pipit Wonderful Market

Squeezing in a quick blogpost.

Quick post? Wait?!?! Are you sure this is a quick post?? (*self conversation)

Yes.... A quick post but with tons of photo pictures. #lol 
As long as I am not writing a lot in a post should be consider a quick post. Muahahahaha......

By the way, today I went to Central Market for Pipit Wonderful Market. Actually I went there was for a upcoming assignment. There's a lot of cute homemade handcraft from designers. 

Guess what? Bunny sold alot there... Just remind me of someone bunny lover's friend here who actually turns to 19 next Thursday. #wtf

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BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Malaysia

Annyeong!!! Finally!!! This post is coming!!! *eyeblinking

Sorry for delay post. I just to busy with my final assignments right now. After blogging I need to continue my ass-signments sumore I can't sleep afterward because I need to wake up early for Pipit Event tomorrow.

I been filter again and again to choose for the best photo pictures that I had shoot that day because I had more than 3k photo pictures in my hardisk. Omo!!! This is ridiculous!!! I just hope that that moment never end till the end of my life. It's so awesome and wonderful. AWW!!!

This will be my very first heavy post pictures with load of BIGBANG other than magazine scans.

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Friday, November 9, 2012


Eh~ Sexy lady.....
Op, op, op, op.....
Oppa Gangnam Style!!! 

Lol. Just sudden wanna sing this epic song while ready to write this blogpost.  

A extreme selca before I start my blogpost.   ╮(╯▽╰)╭

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh My Hair's Doctor

Finally!!!!!!!! I am back to my internet world~~ Yesterday my internet modem being struck by lightning.

Therefore I can't mange to online sumore my phone data is over limits. I just thought that me back to ancient life. I can't live without INTERNET seriously!! 

By the way, just ignore what I was wrote upthere and keep attention downward now. Lol

Oh ya.... forgot to greeting...


And yes again.... I dye my hair again... I add purple colors gradient with my previous fuchsia pink hair because my pink hair fades away.  

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Monday, November 5, 2012


Just back from family gathering. I am social awkward especially with my families siblings. I just sat on sofa doing nothing, no playing ipad or phone because both gadgets make me lagi boring!!! I bored with apps!!
Just sitting there looking for little cousins running and playing around. Duh!! This makes me wanna back to my chilhood time. No Stress Peace Yes!!

Back to yesterday post!!!

I think I came to this world just for eating!!! I LOVE foods!!!

And Yes!!! This time targeting >>> IKEA FOOD!! #lol

Haha!! We had no reason coming to Ikea except their foods!!!
Meatballs and Chicken Wings for sure.
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Saturday, November 3, 2012


*Pictures are heavy and load will be slower. Click the picture to enlarge view.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Waiting Tik tok Tik tok

I love front bang but it's seriously annoying me because I need to trim in overall one week one time. Perhaps my hair grow faster or the cutting length? But if front bang cuts too short, I end up very fugly for whole period time until the fugly bang become longer.

By the way, morning everyone~

I burning my midnight oil again which means my life getting shorter now. #fml

Just one more hour later then I should start to preparing myself to college for class. I am tired to continue ass-signments so I need to find somehing else to spend my time and YAY!! Blogging time...

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Ola guys!!
What a superior relaxing lazy Sunday!!

I just wake up and had my breakfast or I should consider as my Brunch? But my parents is on the way delivering lunch back for me. My stomach is too full to afford next meal now. #lol

I still hope I was on yesterday night because BigBang Galaxy Alive Tour 2012 is super super awesome although it's was raining and all VIPs in a wet body with raincoat watching them. 

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Big Bang Concert

Annyeong Yeoleobun♥♥♥

So VIPs are you ready for BIGBANG Alive Tour?  o(≧v≦)o

First time trying Korean Eye Makeup. No fakelashes, No fake parallel eyelid. But me quite like this eye make and I think my eye looks quite fierce in here.
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fuchia Pink is Love❤

Ola Preciosa ♥♥♥

I am abit excited for next week because Big Bang concert is near!!! Omo omo!!
I need to rush all my assignments for this two days so I can....... I can.... I can WHAT? I don't know.... but I just need to rush all my ass-sigments. Lol

Sorry for blur picture but I really this poses so much. No ps only filter. 
Fuchia Pink is Love❤ Love❤ Love❤

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Nail Runway

Hello guys… Welcome to my creepy blog…
While I am waiting for my new hair color so I decided to have a visited on my bloggieland.

Rain rain go away ♩♪
Please come again another day ♩♪

Raining day makes me feel cold, sleepy and moody. (╯﹏╰) 
Although sun such a hate but I still prefer sunny day. At least I feel cheerful every day when I woke up. *smile (╯▽╰)

Today post will be my first video post. Not vlog but is my very first video assignment.

What is the content of my video about?

Lol… As the topic of this post, my video is all about nails design means showing different kinds of nail design in this video. Thanks for the little shorty fingers, @Yukie (my best bitchy) to help get all this done. She helps me for the exterior setup and lighting and also shows hers little shorty fingers that were my model in video. She also accompany me burned two midnight oil while she is actually busy with hers assignment too. Thanks a lot!! Muacks!! I shall treat her something delicious.  (3)

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sunscreen Perfector

Aloha.... my lovely fellows...

Aha. This is my first time blogging using Samsung Tab. Quite easy to use but it's come trouble when I want to arrange my pictures here. By the way, I like the word recommendations system and auto corrections. Lol

Okay, back to topic.

*Do you spot any weird on my picture above? ...not uneven skin tone on my face but body seriously do!! Anyway actually the weirdo is my eye. Lol

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Neon Color

Neon nail colors!!!! So attractive can die. Love the combination of single turquoise blue with neon yellow. This colors also make my hand looks more fairer and longer. Sometimes I feel my hand like ghost's hand #wtf Quite scary lol

By the way, almost all peeps asking me the same question makes me kinda irritating now.

They asked, "Is this your real nail?"

And I answered, "NO....LA!! Is a fake one. *irratating smile"

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Noobie Driver

Oh well, today I suppose back to home earlier but due of some problem happens so I just arrive back to my home.

Oh ya.... Hi and welcome to my blog!!

This post will be an expressions blog. I just want to share out how actually how fail am I!?!?

This case just happened few hours ago when was I was been  fetched back to college to picked up my car back to my home after having great brunch and some shooting activities with my colleges. When I am standing in front of my car, I clicked alarm car and what .... my car did not responded me!! I just like #wtf

I keep on pressing for many times but its still the same so I called my mum told her what was happening. After few hours later, my mummy and brother with my pet came to school to fix my car. I just saw my brother took out some wires connect with his car and start his car then my car works at the last. Thanks god!!! Btw, thanks brother for coming to fix my car although he is busying with his business there. *touching


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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The place for Buddhism


Lazy to continue my assignments now so I decided to have a short blog at here and tomorrow I will be because I still haven't start any exercise for tomorrow yet.


By the way, just wanna show some of my photography artworks at here.


This temple is located at Port Klang, Malaysia. A very quite far place (from my place). I went there because previously I been choose to there for my assignments needed with one my classmate. I learnt a lot about the history of temple due from this task so I do thanks sir for this. I am Buddhism but I do not know the history of my religion. #wtf *the reason why I thanks sir

I went more than 5 temples which were located at there and here is one of the historical temples.
PS: Renovation-ing

The details of the temple.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Assalamualaikum my peeps.

Today blog post will be full of photo pictures of Malacca trip. As I mentioned from my previous post, I went to Malacca because I want to try the famous Mille Crepe (post here). That’s why I been here. Lol

Some intro about Malacca.
Malacca in Malay calls ‘Melaka’, a historical city at Malaysia. Although Malacca was the location of one of the earliest Malay sultanates, the monarchy was abolished when the Portuguese conquered it in 1511. This explain the style of historical buildings is different than others country. (Enough for basic intro, lazy to refer my history subject anymore, lol)

I am lazy to write anymore so enjoy the pictures below. I need to continue editing my short film now. Stay tuned. =D

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Mille Crepe @Nadeje

Hello little gorgeous~~
It’s about dessert food post again. #wtf

Thanks daddy for bringing here just because I said to him I wish to eat Mille Crepe at Melaka, Malaysia that I heard lots of good comments about this shop. \(3)/

I think this dessert was already quite famous internationally.
This dessert is one of the must that should be try especially ladies if you visit Melaka, Malaysia.
Since this little sweet thingy already famous enough so I do not bla bla bla anymore…

The interiors design of Nadeje:
I really like the logo of the shop. Vintage design frame with simple font. (Im'ma vintage lover)

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Thursday, October 4, 2012


*Picture is heavy and load will be slower. Click the picture to enlarge view.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Won lottery

I crush my car!!! #wtf

This is the very first time I crushed my car but with a very stupid reason. I woke up preparing myself to college and I stepped on my pet’s shit!! My mood turns felling not that good after and I just pretend nothing happening. I end my first class at 9am and I decided to have some fun with my friends, so we end up went to singing KTV because we all are singing kaki. I found great singing kaki(s) already. Lol

Then of course jam la… 9am in the morning everyone preparing to work and suddenly ….. boom…. I crushed my car!!! Damn it!! I was finding my card in my wallet and my Math brain giving me the wrong formula. Okay!! I count the wrong formula?!?! I am forever alone person, lol but that day there was five persons (including me) in the car and of course the car become heavy therefore when I stop my car and I thought my car already fully stop but I never expect that the car still move slowly so I end up crash the front car…. erm… is lorry.

The fucking mind on that time was, “SHIT!!! My wallet money no no. How to handle this situation har?!?!”.


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Monday, September 24, 2012

Tokyo Pastry


Is a food post about sweet dessert today.

When you saw my post title, you will automatically know what type of dessert I would like to introduce to guys and surprisingly this dessert shop is not only selling Japanese (only hokkaido cake) dessert but mostly France dessert. Weird right?

By the way, what I like about this shop is the interior.
The shop interior design is based on Eupatrid theme. The interior is my study room dream design. I hope I can archive what I wish one day but what my friends thought is opposite. I know.... Different people different taste. Lol

What my friend comments to this shop is of Japanese, Euro and Korean styles. lol Because, their shop banner is very Japanese but the interior is Eupatrid then sowing Korean song in Japanese version.

The interior design of Tokyo Pastry:

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Hello peeps...

Blog Stalker?
Not always with laptop?

Nuffnang now introduce NuffnangX that makes our life one step closer to blog world.

In case some of you are wondering what was actually NUFFNANGX?

I just make it short, NuffnangsX is a blog stalking application. YA!! This means you can stalk your favourtite blogs everywhere everytime when you like in your smart phone. Yeepee!!!
It's available in Google Play and App Store. Download it right now!!

Here are some of the example steps about NuffnangX:-

This is an instructional page for newbie who did not know what is NuffnangX.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Note: A new blog entry under this post.

Extreme selca photo of myself first before I start my post.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chency in BloggieLAND


As I mentioned from my previous post, I changed a new blogskin again. #wtf

YUP!! One of my hobbies is to get renovation on my bloggie by myself #syoksendiri
I love prettie thingy. I want to make my thingy beautiful around me.

Again… I start to renovate my blogskin.

As you can see my blog you should wonder how long time I use to did this? (No helpers only myself with my smart buddy, Brain.)

Erm…. Because I quite busied so I took quite many days to finish it. If deduce my busied time, I think about four to five days I could finish it.

This blogskin really juice out my brain. All about html, css and javascript. I wrote a lot of versions one by one in my laptop notepad to get these whole things done. I’m start from zero slowly transform out this blogskin and of course I get to use some experiences from my previous blogskins too.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Whatchuwant Pimp My Ride

Welcome back to my blog and be surprise!!!

I changed my new blogskin again #wtf but this blogskin is the proudest blogskin that I had done before.
I will post about it soon.
There’s a lot of coding include in this blogskin and I know my bloggie load slower. This is the cons from this blogskin. I apologize for the loading time, joesonghabnida (sorry)!!! 

Please do not leave my bloggie >.<


This is my red car, Toyota Celica in special edition.
The ride that I drive everyday everywhere. Please ignore 'P' sticker.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Close blog for new blogskin

Seriously, I need to find solution for my tired puffy eye. My eye getting more tired after I fully rest myself for these several days. Damn!!

Hi hi~ I will close my blog to edit to my new blogskin after the Axe contest end. I think will be next week because I scare judge can’t view my blog. Maybe next week or maybe one more week or maybe I move before the deadline of the contest. I need to close my blog first and move the new blogskin and customize my sidebar because sidebar only can only work properly by edit at this blog. I still have a lot of drafts to post out so please stay tuned and come back with surprise here. Bye bye…

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Monday, September 3, 2012

[MAG SCAN] Popteen September 2012

*Picture is heavy and load will be slower. Click the picture to enlarge view.

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Friday, August 31, 2012

AXE Anarchy Island Getaway

Ola, peeps~
If you have an opportunity for travel to a beach, how did you attract dude/chick looks at you? Not only just pass by but left an image in their eye.

Since I don’t have charming ‘S’ bodyline to attract the opposite sex to looks at me…. SO…. I need to rely on other methods to make the opposite sex attracted by me.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

1 year old of


I started my blog at 2010. I opened a blog because it’s was a trend at that time and of course now blogging still a trend but since everyone looks super cool in blog therefore I did the same thing too. A thing was not changes till now was this blog still a crappy blog. I blogged a lot of craps thing likes fashion, foods, travels, status, friendships and now advertorials, sponsors and reviews too. I so glad that bloggie become one of my incomes now, I not mean to take advantage of but since I have this opportunity then why not? This is an experience!!! I should do it since I was young!! Right?

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Progressing on Digital Portfolio

After busy played and worked for several days, is the time for my digital portfolio.
Hand or Digital drawing are not the main problem for me but IDEA is the one!!! By the way, here are some of my progressions. 

The #mainpage. I still sketching navbars and logo. I lack of idea now!!! I need a quick rest afterward!!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Choosing the Right CLEANSER

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too clean when it comes to skin. Overzealous cleansers who figure that if twice a day is good, then more is even better. Gently remind that aging skin needs a gently touch, and overdoing the need to feel "squeaky clean" strips the skin of needed oils and natural protection against the elements. Which means that the deodorant soap you use in the shower or bath is never plain to be applied to the face!

Some of people prefer to use plain old bar soap. However, like the ease of liquid cleansers. If your skin is dry, choose a creamy cleanser that doesn't foam; normal skin can pretty much tolerate anything; and oily skin responds best to foaming gels or liquids. Those with sensitive skin should look for soothing botanical, such as green tea and grapeseed extract.

It's best to clean your face twice a day, but if you're running late in the morning, it's okay6 to skip it. Never go to bed without a through cleansing and removal of all makeup. It can cause breakouts on your skin and irritation in and around your eyes.

Toners aren't a mandatory part of your cleansing regimen, but they're great at restoring the skin's PH balance. Avoid any with astringents, unless you have seriously oily skin, as they'll dehydrate your skin. Best of aging skin are those with AHAs and anti-oxidants.

Sources: 10 minutes, 10 years by Dr.Fredric Brandt

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About Sensitive Skin

Many people think they have sensitive skin, when they actually don’t. Very few people, only about 2 percent to 3 percent of women, have truly sensitive skin in the clinical sense. Dermatologists refer to them as “stingers,” as their skin turns red, itches, tingles, and/or burns whenever any products are applied.

The other 97 percent have inflamed skin, or seborrheic dermatitis. You might apply a product and experience stinging and burning due to an underlying inflammation. Perhaps you were overzealous with your microdermabrasion cream or other exfoliants; perhaps you’ve been spending too much time in the sun. Or you are using a combination of too many skin-care products, overloading your skin with a wide range of ingredients that can react with each other. When the inflammation is clammed down, however, the sensitivity disappears.

Quite few numbers of them complains that they have dry skin that’s red and flaky, and they attribute that to a sensitivity reaction to their skin-care products. They need to differentiate between dryness and inflammation. Dry skin will be dry all over your face. It may be a little flaky, around the eye-brows and it’s red. Chronic red skin may well rosacea, which is not caused by irritation or skin sensitivity.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Twitter Background 2.0

Selamat Hari Raya Aldifitri Maaf Zahir & Batin to all muslim friends.
Before continue reading my post, I want to warning you if you did not like punk or Gothic style. Please do leave here. Seriously!! I hope you guys won’t be shock by my photo picture.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Progressing of Portfolio

Shorta updated here.
I start progressing for my own portfolio flash website. Since my new blogskin is ready and now move to portfolio website. I need to link them together to get them done. What the left now is draw draw draw draw and design.
How to DRAW? Of course I need to take out my stationery to start sketching!!! The ridiculous thing is I did not know where the hell my stationery was. I did not know where I putted it on the very last time I used them. The funniest thing is I stealing my brother’s black pen and went to examination hall start fighting with my English paper. I am pro right? Salute to me? Lol
By the way, some of my progressions were on going. Selamat Hari Puasa. :D

Just only this one to be shown in here first. (PS: The girl actually not that tall actually but the collages effect makes it.) Others please stay tuned on my portfolio website~

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Hi guys, it’s a morning post~
This was miracle that I can wake up this early to make a post although I just slept about one or two hours yesterday. =A=

By the way, just a shorta updated here… Still continue about new blogskin and portfolio website.
Blogskin was still progression and portfolio website will be start once I get my photo. A things to makes it start is photo pictures now.
Blogskin actually can almost done but too addicted to watching #CakeBoss.
I think I really need to stop watching #CakeBoss and comics. (_)

I am thinking to have a new looks for my hair but I am really scare that my hair will die after several times of bleaching and coloring.
Or else I go to have an #ultrasonic treatment first before I bleaching my hair again.
Hmmm…. I don’t think is good idea oso.
I have this two thingy for my hair at my home. It’s Manic Panic Bad Bod Blue and D2 Color Violet.
Of course Manic Panic products no need to be judge because the effect after dyeing is really good and D2 color erm…. I still consider it….

Just keep it and use next time. I think going to solve my pudding hair first~ Damn!!

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chocolate Steamboat

Hello~ Shorta updated my status here first~ *wink
Today noon I just was having my English subject exam. During the exam, I had no idea what the heck I wrote. It was a crap when I thinking it again. Damn!! Finally, I start my holiday now~ Wuhoo!!

Aha!! Dessert lovers~ It’s a food post again~
Chocolate chocolate~ A fat drug food!! I love chocolate start from I have my teeth~ Chocolate is too yummy!!! Chocolate is my doctor when I am moody and also happy. This awesome thingy makes me happier after it was in my stomach~ #ROFL

A yummeh hot chocolate steamboat~ If you are dessert lover, I am pleasure to invite you for a try.

You will definitely won’t able to finish it. Trust me!! Unless you have a big stomach and will not easily feels sick of finish it.

Chocolate steamboat comes with fruits, snacks and ice-cream. I love this colorful combination~ Its make feel happy when I saw this~ Lol

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Daily Skin Haul

Bonjour femelle~
Today post is to responds to readers who emailed me asked about my makeup haul. I decided to share my daily makeup. My daily makeup was more concentrated my face therefore I never makeup my eye except contact lens and double eyelid tape (depends). I just wore my eye makeup if has any special day or depends on my mood of the day. Such an emotional bitch right? Lol

A very bad face!!! I have three pimples came to visit me and I think next will be my period!! Damn!!! I have a very dull skin, unsmoothing skin texture, heavy blackhead and dry skin. Oh well, really thanks for my college lifestyle. Sleep in the noon and wakeup at night. Completely opposite lifestyle!! If you’re design student, you will understand!! By the way, this is my bare face!! No moisturizer, no sunscreen, and no any chemical on my face except lens and double eyelid tape because after demo I will go for bath. Lol

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Thursday, August 9, 2012


Ohai~ Panda friends!!

It’s a midnight post again!! #wtf  I realize that I love to updated post at midnight. Why har? Can everyone tell me? Oh well…. Seem like no one give a fuck then….. LoL

Having an English exam on this upcoming Saturday and now I really don’t bother it or in other way to describe… “WHO CARES!!!”. English subject only ma… easy job la… but well pre-prepared or still having great fun before the exam makes a big different. I think everyone understand it and we (I just mean who just loves to play and don’t give a fuck, not nerdo or smart-guys) still even not bother it. We just need to pass it and of course, AVERAGE is the best!! Muahahahaha

By the way, I am in a sem-break (semester break) so I have my free time on making a new looks for my bloggie. This time I want challenge myself to boost up my skills. I think some of my friends more concentrated on digital painting and when I open my facebook looking on the newest updated news and saw their artwork, I am start mind+heart unbalancing. Lol This is means I am eating jelly lo~ It’s awesome and incredible but when I want start myself on digital painting training…. my eye start become heavy =.= I do not think myself love digital painting so I just don’t bother it and concentrated on websites!! Yes!! I love pHp developing!! Anyway, this time my newest blogskin will come out with lotsa flash+css+html+javascript. I know its looks complicated but trust me; I will make you amazed… I think… Lol

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Necklace of My Name

Aha!! Hi guys!!
I just get my lovely necklace here that gift by @Yukie, @Louis and @Joeann. It’s a necklace of name? Or name necklace will be easily to understand? The important is the name that really credit to me. No one will suitable on it anymore. This is the point I want myself a name necklace so badly. By the way, thanks them for this awesome gift.

This is the draft before when I deal my name design with the designer. Actually the actual design was not this but its changed after some discussion between me and the designer so this is the final look. Simple and has a star at the end. :D 

Its looks adorable when it’s come with fuchsia + hot pink accessories box. By the way, this box is small not that big like the picture does. You know, a camera has a function call zoom plus angel problem. Lol

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Wanna be a boss?

Ciao i miei lettori belle~

Hai guys, today I gonna offer you some great thing here.
Before I going to start my topic, can you answer yourself some questions here?

Are you needs more extra money?
Are you interested to be a boss and act #likeaboss? Lol
Hope to never take out your hand to show your parents for money?
Jealous for the successful boss?

So, lady and gentlemen…. Here you go!!!

We are living in 21st century, a technology world. We make friends on social websites, we play games downloaded from apps store, and we do shopping online too!! We wish not going out buy stuffs and just waiting for few days to let the postman delivering to us.

Humans are too lazy now!!

SO….. ladies and gentlemen…

Catch this point and start an online business today!!!

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sap sap Shabu @ Suki-Ya

Hello, omnivorous human~

Before that a picture of me first~ Sorry for my extreme self-love~ XD 

Today post will make your saliva come out from your mouth~ LoL Btw, it’s a post food again. If you a meat and Flammulina (金针菇) lover~ You will definitely love it!! I love mushrooms!!! I eat every types of mushrooms except poison de~ Lol Especially Flammulina!! I bet everyone love this!! I can eat this like eating a big bowl of noodle!! So yummy!!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

[MAG SCAN] Popteen August 2012

*Picture is heavy and load will be slower. Click the picture to enlarge view.

Goobye July, Hello August!! The very first post of August~
Do enjoy reading here~ :D
Btw, wanna complain something~ :( 
Beauteen hair coloring is my favorite hair dye but it's stop sellling in Malaysia. 
Hope, any farmasi take this brand back~ >.<

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sweetest 19’s of me

 Bonjour, mes chiennes belles ♥♥~

Today is will be words post~ No photo of my celebration birthday because too many private so since I need to juice out my brain to solves this problem then why don’t I just ignore it. Lol~
*Actually this picture is one of my newest cover blog header but it’s doesn’t show my personality so I rejected this. Since this picture is useless therefore I use this as my blog post picture. Lol
Happy Birthday to Chency aka Ccy. Yeah!! o(v)o

Oh yeah!! My 19’s birthday~ Happy birthday to me and thanks for everyone wishes and GIFTS!!!

Omo!! This year was truly amazing celebration on my birthday celebration. I appreciated the efforts they putted just only to shocked me ( o ) !!! Oh well they are success~ Damn them!! LoL

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Monday, July 30, 2012

1+1 Eyelid Tape

Aloha, my lovely peeps~

Are you a lazy person like I am?
Are you needed to wake up earlier because of make up?
Are you PISSING off to remake-over again when NOT-SATISFIED WITH YOUR LOOK?

Oh~ Lovely chicks~
In this new era there was an awesome human create this super-duper easy and convenient.
It’s saving your money, makeup and the most important…. Time!!!

So, ladies and gentlemen….

I would like to introduce you this thingy which make my life easier…. BLACK EYELID TAPE

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