Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Another post for Digi iPhone 4S.
Celcom, Digi and Maxis are offering the deal for grabbing yourself an iPhone 4S.
But why I introduce Digi plan to you guys? WHY?

As you can see my blog topic, Digi definitely offer the most affordable plan to people.
For more information, click DiGi website

As you can see the package Digi offers, you just have to pay as low start from RM55 per month.
Try imagining…. if you’re student, try save up RM2 per day then you will be able pay for the plan even have balance back.

So if you’re business people, for sure your phone call is the most expensive than sms or internet data surfing.
Try pick up iDiGi 138 plan with just only RM88 per month.
Number ‘eight’ such a good number for business people too. Lol~
Try searching for other telecommunication company, I swear you would NEVER get this affordable plan package like Digi does.

If you can’t leave internet without a second, iDiGi offer you the great deal such as RM55 for 1GB data, RM88 for 3GB data and RM156 for 5GB data.
Pick up your Digi iPhone 4S and start surfing, downloading, and watching video or music everytime everywhere.
So do you think this still a prank?
Absolutely not!! WHY?
Aiya!!! You never heard DiGi Telecommunication Company?
One of the biggest trusted company that everybody know about it.
Click here to understand more about the packages of DiGi Iphone 4S.
And again, view the video below to friend more with iPhone 4S. Tieter~

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