Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My history of snappie item

Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah!!
Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah yeah!!

Wuhoo!! I give myself a holiday today. Actually is because of some problems made me can’t attend to college today. How sad!!!
But never mind, I still enjoying my holiday…

This post will be a question and answer post requested by Sarah from Netherland.
She is so lovely and pro. I don’t even post out my email address and my bloggie address and email that I usually used are different at all but she still can stalk me by email.

These are some conservation that she requested me to post out. I summarize it.

Sarah: Hello Chency, can you post out about what camera that you usually use in your bloggie.
Me: Wow, you know my blog name bloggie. :D I start using camera in this early year. Before that I using phone to captured all my life on.
Sarah: Of course. I stalked your blog whenever you updated your blog. I wonder which camera I would like to buy coz your photos are so much lovely here.
Me: I just learned from Xiaxue and on my own camwhore experience. However, I still fail to captured nicest one just in one shot. You should buy your favourite camera not from my suggestion, dear.
Sarah: I just want to know more about camera only. I am not rich so I don’t want to waste my money to buy a wrong camera.
Me: Oh dear, I am not rich too. I just only a poor bitch who love camwhore herself.
Sarah: Bitch is too rude here. By the way, can you share out your information of your camera that you use? Please, dear?
Me: Erm… Okay!! Stay tuned in my future blog post.
Sarah: So glad to hear by you. Love you sweetheart, do free come and visit my country, Netherland. I bring you around here. :D
Me: Sure, if I have this chance so. :D

What camera that I usually use and the different between phone camera and compact camera?
If you saw the conversation above it, you will realize that I using camera start in this early year.

Before that, I loved to use phone camera to capture all my lovely momento passed in my life. I thought that bring out a compact camera or DSLR is quite bothering.
Can you imagine that my left hand was sms-ing while my right holding a camera shooting here and there.

As your information I actually using two phones, Sony Ericsson W705 and Satio.
I pretty sure that you all have heard that S.E Satio have 12 megapixels just like a normal compact camera.
I can tell you all, YES!! S.E Satio has a megapixels like normal compact camera but as long as it as a phone camera. It’s still can’t give the quality like a compact camera.

Year per year, I realize that a phone camera can’t bring out a photo detail and showed the mood of a photo especially on a night beautiful view.
Like examples….

S.E W705, as you can see this picture is blurring and have noise. I need to soften image and done a lot of crappy effect on it.
S.E W705, the picture that disclaimers claim a lot. I dunno why? It just only a crappy photo with low quality. :D 
Using S.E Satio, honestly… Satio is so hard to get a great angel. I not really comfortable using with it. L
S.E Satio, you can see the great pixel photo at ourdoor.

So, I change from phone camera to compact camera as my snappie item.
I use Casio compact camera to snap snap snap…. Till in the end of July 2011, I received a very lovely birthday gift (A new compact camera lo) so I using this as my main snappie item now.

My new compact camera really helps me a lot.
It’s come from Samsung Company.
If you are a camwhore fan!!! You should not miss it out.
Samsung come with double screen of view which is at back and front.
If you are trying to camwhore yourself, you can switch on the front view and capture it nicely.
It’s so much different with Iphone front camera and it’s so SUCK!!!
Like examples…. 
Samsung Compact Camera, I forgot what the model was… I lazy to google it… You can see it double screen and I so love it.
The back screen. You can see it come with touch screen too. Aww~~
Using my Samsung Compact Camera to capture it. Nice resolution even in a dark place huh?
I’m not posting out my Casio Compact Camera because I give it to my dad so I don’t want get it back from him just picking some photos to post out. Ignore it. :D

However, I also use DSLR sometime to capture my momento too…
And of course, DSLR resolution is much much better than all cameras…
But DSLR is too big and heavy so I not really use it as my main snappie item…
I have two DSLR which from Pentax and Canon company.
I throw my Pentax DSLR on my room and bring out Canon DSLR for my photography subject’s homework.
Like examples….
Using my Pentax DSLR, of course the resolution is much much better than others one. Ignore my crappy effects in it.
My new Canon DSLR just brought from last month, EOS 600D. The LCD can push out. It’s almost cost me 3000++ bucks in Ringgit Malaysia.
This is one of my artworks for my photography subject. So clearly right? The resolution are so so so so lovely….
I playing slow shutter speed in this photo. You can see the water is smooth. Nice right?
The last one, using Canon 600D to captured it. This picture is not photoshop at all, just put effect in. Because Canon 600D can push the screen to front, so I can easily catch the right angel at here. :D

Dear Sarah, I already posted out my usage of cameras here. If you do really want buy a camera, my advice is, “Please buy yourself a camera that you love the most. What brand isn’t important. Just let’s yourself comfortable with your camera. That enough. :D”.

Looking forward to your newest news soon. Keep touching, dear. :D

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