Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello, November :D

Wuhoo!! Is November!!
I think to whose are still 18 below have their really nice mood from now.
Guess what? Is School Break Semester.
How sad to myself that I can’t have a holiday just like them.
I’m on the way to adult life and it’s so hard and realistic.
WTF!! I am starting missing my high school life!!
Is so enjoyable and nothing to worry for.
But now, I have to build my way by myself.
Arghh!! Sucker!!!

By the way, November is the second end of the year…
That’s mean, I aging too!!! WTF!!!
Time are running so fast till everyone can’t catch up with.
I am not crunchy and brave like before but I become mature and more independence.
There are the pros and cons. Teehee~~

I am blank with my idea now…

Time is passing, assignments are double-ing!!! WTF!!

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