Saturday, October 8, 2011

@Yeh Belated Birthday

            I had no idea with my assignment so I decide update my bloggie while I hope my mind has a rest and start with my assignment again. :D 
So sorry to @Yeh for the belated birthday. Hope he doesn’t mind and get touch the surprise that we give to him today although is a bit late.

After photograph class, @Force and I skip the class together just because we want to buy a cake and give @Yeh a surprise. :D Thanks @Kai Yee and @Jean help us to take attendance.
When @Force and I are ready going to take public transport to Secret Recipe, Jusco Wangsa Maju, @Mr.Yeh was just passing us and of course we make such silly replies to answer them.
I think @Yeh will had a bit disappointed like he can’t always updates what U1 groups did because he has been dropped to U2 group.
Nevermind…. Just ignore him once time… Heehehehee~~

When we back from bought birthday cake to our Mr.Yeh, @Force and I step our feet into college.
I was wondering that maybe they will also use the same road to cafeteria (We had a plan and try to bring @Yeh to cafeteria and give him a surprise.)….
So, my turn my head right left back to keep searching them…. And I SAW THEM!?!?
@Force and I run as fast as we could to avoid them saw us and I guess some of them saw us and keep on laughing how silly we are… XD
Everything gets ready and now just waits our @Mr.Yeh coming and gives him a big surprise.
Firstly, when all of us start singing Birthday song, @Yeh didn’t realize that actually the event is for him.
He keep on singing with us but he start wondering why everybody staring at him.
AND…. Taadaa!!!!

Happy Birthday to you,
You are live in the zoo,
With the piggy and monkey,
Message To @Yeh: Sorry for the belated birthday. Enjoy reading the “Journeys to the West” greeting book. XD

The cake of the day, Black Forest from Secret Recipe.
Candle is extinguished coz of the wind. We need to lighten up again.
Make a wish, @Yeh. Hope your wish will come true.
Camwhore time~~
The main character of the day~ Wuhoo!!
You can realize that actually are really few in U1 group.
Wow!! We girls are winning!! We are the king in U1~ Hehehehe~
Watching hot chicks swimming~
Yeah~ ^^
@Yeh said, “I got Journeys to The West bible. I am ready to be god. XD”
Journeys to The West Bible. Muahahahahaha…
Really have bible inside de… You know~ XD
We force @Yeh take out the candle by using his mouth~ XD

Happy Belated Birthday :D

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