Thursday, October 6, 2011


    Today I blog at a cafeteria college which has an Olympic size of swimming pool in front of me while I having a breakfast with a Nestle orange juice and watching Muscular guys and S-slim chicks swimming in front of me. Okay lar~ I’m lying!!! Actually is not muscular chic man but it’s really have S-slim pretty chicks. Why chic man is hard to found? Lol~

Get a deal with my laziness, I promise my hard-working sense that I should keep more often in my bloggie. I not busied with my anything or maybe yes but just a bit only~ My sem.two in my college was start last three weeks ago. There was sad thing happened in our course. Because some of Certificate in Graphic Design students who joint into our course, my member in my class is shuffle again. Shuffle shuffle shuffle till *wtf, my lovely friends is drop to other classes. How sad when I heard this news. Bye bye to my lovely @Kin.Yee, @MeiJing, @Xin.Yeh and especially my dude chick, @Winnie. We can’t stick together anymore~ She start to stick with her new classmates now. I hate her already~ Heng!! LOL~

@Yeh always made me felt sad only. He made something always made me felt sorry and upside down when he always write a good bye letters or movie. Hey dude, although you are not one of the member in U1 but you still our friend lar~ We still can hang out like usual when we free or something else~ Tried to get your new besties but I know U1 is the best lar~ Wahahaha… *joking
This is what he did it to us. Awww~ So lovely but sadly~ T^T
PS:// He is photoshop master nia~

It’s already pass 30mins while I am writing my blog. I drink again my orange juice again and I see a guard sit beside my table with a coffee and a cake in his hand. Guess what? He never leaves his sight from the swimming pool. I guess he was so enjoying watching chicks in the swimming pool. A MAN….. 

My @DML1 2001 Intake facebook group is anooying again~ 
What news now? Lol  
I hate a new bitch is barks in there like yayaya I know everything. 
Or actually I should call her biatch? A stupid biatch who puts a girl as his profile picture. Wtf!! 
I hate him when he act like a senior with his stupid sense of smart in everything while actually he is just same level with us but just older than me~ 
He just the new CGD students who join in to our course and I heard from my CGD friend said that he love to act smart and he actually not smart at all, praise himself (Vomit and if he do really chic why don’t he put his “chic” picture as facebook profile picture? Shame or actually UGLY?!?!)  and love to comment no matter is it his business nor not!! Oh gosh!! Why he so geh bo de~ 
Love to write a lot of bla bla bla with non-sense with his stupic Lanci look. 
I hated when all committees was discussing about where the place we should meeting, then he put a mouth in and share his stupid sense of farker look. 
What the….. Is he one of the committees? Piss off!! 
If really not of your business just make yourself transparent.  
Please don’t be selfish and comment with stupid answer actually can’t help at all and the most important thing, “Are you one of the committees? No, you not but I am. Please don’t show your stupid sense in front of me because you live one more year older than me. 
Piss off!! Farker!!” Luckily he not in the same class with me and not one of my friends.
Recently I really poor enough!! No more money to spend at all. This semester everything needs money money money with a big amounts. Why everybody can’t live without money? Including me too. Money is evil and forcing someone to get them actually. I hate how evil money is but in other side I love how I spend money and fulfill my dreams.
Even  a Superhero also lose to money. WTF Lol~
Two days ago, @Force asked me to bring his new DSLR to home because I took car back to home and he used public transport to home and it was such a rainy day. 
He worried that his new DSLR will getting wet so I agreed to bring it back home. 
Actually I not that kind person that help without any benefits and I AM SELFISH!! 
I want take it back home just because I want show my daddy and let my daddy get wrong sense actually that the DSLR is mine one. 
He promise to buy me a new DSLR but he busied with his job till forgot his promise to me.
So I against with him and let my daddy knew that the DSLR is mine one. 
How silly and stupid actually I am? Or just selfish?
The other day, I bring it back to college and gave it back to @Force his DSLR. 
Suddenly, something was HAPPENED!?!? 
@Force DSLR has some problems. 
I am so scared and asking myself, “Is it my fault?” I keep on asking myself. 
He said to me not me but I felt sorry to him. 
@Celine said the @Jean fault with joking sense because @Jean is the last one who holding the DSLR. 
Then, @Jean was cry…. 
She made @Celine felt wrong and upside down.
I just watch beside @Jean cried. 
Maybe if I refuse to help @Force bring the DSLR home just because of my stupid selfish maybe this thing will not happen at all and I felt @Jean not that kind I actually thought about. 
I blur and I suffering with this all. 
Why this entire was so complicated and hard to grasp?
Love is complicated and friendship also complicated. Haiz…. 


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