Sunday, October 16, 2011

Acuvue Lens

Okay, this will be an advertorial post.

Although I was also using Korea Cosmetics Lens because its can make my eye bigger and dramatic and I wore over 8 hours almost every day…
Every time my little eye will start feeling dry and uncomfortable after 8 hours…
I start wondering??? Its maybe will give some effect if I still keep this situation every day…


I got an email from Focus Point and their suggested me have a try on Acuvue Advance Lens.
Acuvue Advance Plus is an innovative transparent lens.
It is moist and comfortable enough.

Guess what?
You can wear more than over 8 hours and Acuvue Advance Plus is extended to two weeks’ time period so you don’t need to throw money on daily lens which is more expensive.

If you are wearing lens everyday just like me?
Let’s have a try on this new product, Acuvue Advance Lens.
Trust me; the quality of Acuvue Lens is much more trusted than Korea Cosmetics Lens.

Brought it then scared not worth it?
Take a break with a cup of hot tea….

Now, Focus Point is giving free trial on Acuvue Advance Lens and Acuvue Daily Lens to all lovely…
Click here >> Focus Point Facebook   to grab a free trial now..
Hurry up!! Giving is end of 31st October 2011 @11.59pm.

Let’s your eye comfortable starting with Acuvue Lens.
Acuvue Daily Lens (Light Blue) and Acuvue Advance (Dark Blue). 
It is transparent. It can’t make my eye bigger but I love it.
Acuvue Advance Lens, two weeks period time
Acuvue Daily Lens, one day period time
I give a pair of Acuvue Advanced Lens to my mummy and she said, “Oh my god!! This lens is much more comfortable than you gifted me the pattern lens (Korea Cosmetic Lens).”
And my mummy was fall in love with it. Just ignore my little brother dummy face.

Use Acuvue Lens when you are

studying or working,
Use Cosmetic Lens when you are dating~
Keep smarty by choosing your lens depends on situation.

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