Monday, October 31, 2011

My nonsense!!

Now my wall clock is pointing 5.30am morning in this Halloween Day.
By the way, Happy Halloween Day. :D
I don’t sleep not because I was partying just now but I was rushing my assignment!!!
My life was so suck now!! Suck with a ton of ass assignments….
I think my buddies all was just back from Octoberfest Halloween Party Blast just now.
Arghhh!!! Hate you, stupid assignment!!

Actually I have nothing to blog here but I do feel wanna blogging right now.
Erm…. What should I say now?
Events? I lazy to type too much of words now…
Family? Just like usual… In a warm happiness family…
Friends? Didn’t hang out at all… WTF!! I going to be stupid nerdo now…
Feelings? Erm… My heart is sucking stone right now… Freezee…
Gossips? I have no target to say now…
Bla bla bla? Oh ya!!! I want talking nonsense!!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

[MAG SCAN] Popteen November 2011

*Picture is heavy and load will be slower. Click the picture to enlarge view.

Popteen September 2011 issues, girls and guys can view it if you let your chance fly away previously to buy this magazine.
Scroll down your mouse to view more about Popteen September 2011 issues.
Grab this be your own magazine at News Shop or any craps magazine store.
Enjoy reading the newest issue. Teehee~

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I have my own way to go…

WTF!!! I still have 80 sketches waiting me for sketch and I still have time at here with my bloggie.
I’m lagging with my ideas now!!
I’m still not feeling so well but I still need to face in front my ass assignments to juice out my hell dry brain.
I force myself to start thinking!!!

Think-ing, think-ing, think-ing….
Till I’m cry… (In my heart)

I consult with my parents again.
They want me to leave my dream and follow how nicely are the way they set to me…
I know how they love me and I do really love them so much…

I have my own way to go…

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Acuvue Lens

Okay, this will be an advertorial post.

Although I was also using Korea Cosmetics Lens because its can make my eye bigger and dramatic and I wore over 8 hours almost every day…
Every time my little eye will start feeling dry and uncomfortable after 8 hours…
I start wondering??? Its maybe will give some effect if I still keep this situation every day…


I got an email from Focus Point and their suggested me have a try on Acuvue Advance Lens.
Acuvue Advance Plus is an innovative transparent lens.
It is moist and comfortable enough.

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My 1st Artwork

Wohoo!! Still continuing my second semester studies and this semester is my poor poor life ever…
No money left for me to shopping T^T 
By the way, I am happy with this semester because I learn a lot of new things and also have new stuffs!! Yahoo!!

Welcome to my ordinary world, Canon 600D.
My buddies must be get shock if saw this news coz before I said that I must get Nikon D5100 but I get Canon 600D
No else… I’m such that kind of person who loves to change the minds at the last.
I get a lot of free stuffs when I brought my DSLR at One Utama Shopping Centre.
I met a professor and good seller at there…
They tried to explain to me how to choose an “own” DSLR…

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I miss him


Today I went to attend my typography class.
When I stepped my feet to the class, I saw a girl who from fashion design drawing hers assignment.

Guess what?
I found that I actually so excited with the draft that she sketched.
I even excited than when I completed an assignments with high scores!!

I start confusing!!  
I feel that actually I still love Fashion Design.
Fashion Designer is my dream start at the moment that I still a little girl starts with has my own mind ways.

And now should I…
Regret that why I don’t choose Fashion Design?
Cry like a crybaby for choosing the wrong way?
Withdraw my course and take fashion design?
Put blame on my teddy bear with punch and punch?

I want so….

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Monday, October 10, 2011


             Just finish my dinner at D’Fortune Western Cuisine & Café at Bandar Manjalara, Kepong, KL. Recommending going there and having a taste there if you haven’t try before. It’s nice and delicious especially their special pasta. If you have a chance to Bandar Manjalara, give yourself a try at there. :D

At StarBuck, Genting for tea time while preparing for my English presentation tomorrow.
My single eyelid eye.
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Sunday, October 9, 2011

08/10/2011, Moody

            Now, I blogging at Aristo & Roof Garden, Zouk Club KL. Can you image that I actually only drink a blue color cocktail and rushing my assignment now? I can’t even have a break although I was hanging out with my friends now. WTF!! Life really busy, what for? Lol~ For further money lor~

I think I have already a year not going to clubs and I am at a club now but with rushing my assignment while looking for my new idea. 
No else, a designer needs a lot of ideas come with.

It’s such a rainy day today and my mood also same with the weather too.
Truly to said that, I hate everything now!!
I felt that suddenly everything actually not that I always expect with!!
Maybe my mind is too free to thinks such stupid things?
Maybe my menstrual is coming soon so make my hormones upside down now?
Or maybe everything happened is really makes me realize?
I don’t even smile today although I got an email said that I been sponsored by Acuvue Lens for free and told me that write an advertisement about it in my bloggie.
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

@Yeh Belated Birthday

            I had no idea with my assignment so I decide update my bloggie while I hope my mind has a rest and start with my assignment again. :D 
So sorry to @Yeh for the belated birthday. Hope he doesn’t mind and get touch the surprise that we give to him today although is a bit late.

After photograph class, @Force and I skip the class together just because we want to buy a cake and give @Yeh a surprise. :D Thanks @Kai Yee and @Jean help us to take attendance.
When @Force and I are ready going to take public transport to Secret Recipe, Jusco Wangsa Maju, @Mr.Yeh was just passing us and of course we make such silly replies to answer them.
I think @Yeh will had a bit disappointed like he can’t always updates what U1 groups did because he has been dropped to U2 group.
Nevermind…. Just ignore him once time… Heehehehee~~

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Friday, October 7, 2011

[MAG SCAN] Popteen October 2011

*Picture is heavy and load will be slower. Click the picture to enlarge view.

Popteen October 2011 issues, girls and guys can view it if you let your chance fly away previously to buy this magazine.
Scroll down your mouse to view more about Popteen October 2011 issues.
*click to enlarge*

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Thursday, October 6, 2011


    Today I blog at a cafeteria college which has an Olympic size of swimming pool in front of me while I having a breakfast with a Nestle orange juice and watching Muscular guys and S-slim chicks swimming in front of me. Okay lar~ I’m lying!!! Actually is not muscular chic man but it’s really have S-slim pretty chicks. Why chic man is hard to found? Lol~

Get a deal with my laziness, I promise my hard-working sense that I should keep more often in my bloggie. I not busied with my anything or maybe yes but just a bit only~ My sem.two in my college was start last three weeks ago. There was sad thing happened in our course. Because some of Certificate in Graphic Design students who joint into our course, my member in my class is shuffle again. Shuffle shuffle shuffle till *wtf, my lovely friends is drop to other classes. How sad when I heard this news. Bye bye to my lovely @Kin.Yee, @MeiJing, @Xin.Yeh and especially my dude chick, @Winnie. We can’t stick together anymore~ She start to stick with her new classmates now. I hate her already~ Heng!! LOL~

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