Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Sweet 18th Birthday Ever

Bonjour tout le monde~ Okay! I don’t want to be lazy anymore. I should keep updating my momento into my bloggie. So shame to say that this post suppose be on July post but because of my laziness my July momento become September momento.

By the way, did you see the picture beside? Yup! This is one of my photo-shoot photos. I done great in my first photo-shooting and had a great experience in it. Teehee~

AND I change my blog design again~ I love this layout very muchie~ I ready to be a designer. That’s why I taking multimedia design as my course. o(v)o

Okay! Let’s start now. I will blog all my birthday momentoes in this post so will be a heavy long post and you guys sure will start getting bored with my bla bla bla here.

Should I sing a happy birthday song to myself? WTF Chency, your birthday already passed like hell then you want sang birthday song again. Piss off!! Wakakaka….

My 18th birthday is the most special and appreciated event ever. True!! Although it’s just very simple but I do enjoyed with my 18th birthday. So thank you to all my friends and mankind that great me with 100% true heart no matter messaging or on social websites. I do very appreciated with you guys wishes and sorry to said that I had no reply on my social website because I been warning twice especially from facebook for overloading message on it. By the way, I through by bloggie said thanks so muchie with 100% true heart to all peoples that wished me once upon ago. Muackz~

I had a dating with my ex-schoolmates, @KahHoe @Nelson @Yukie @SeeSiong @JunJie @Micheal @Mr.Pai and @Joeann, who birth four day earlier than me. Sorry to say if I miss mentioned anyone in here. We had a joy time in Time Square Complex Centre. Actually just only simple hang out and some celebrating because we guys already don’t had a great chat after we all graduated from secondary school. We had a great chat time at @Kim Gary Restaurant and a great shopping on that day. I bought a lot of stuffs and had just only one slide cake for blowing my 18th birthday. I’m eco fans now. Wakakakaka… Thanks @Yukie babe for bought me my favourite Maybeline Eyeliner. Okay! I stop bla bla bla and showing some picture now.

Taadaa~ My meal of the day~ I love steak but I advised that get a real steak.

# Choco Cheese Berry is mine and Blueberry Cheese was Joeann. We celebrated together.

            Of course I had another dated time with @Amelie @Elvene @ChinYee and @Beebii. We celebrated exactly the day that I birth to this world. This time is at @One Utama Shopping Center. Karaoke time is the must with these four sweet girls. So, I had an enjoyable time with them in k-room. I know I didn’t have good voice but I kept on shouting like a mad girl in the room. Chat, sing, eat and camwhore is the must in k-room. Thanks girls for accompanied and the lousy birthday song. I felt great with you girls. Hope we can hang out together again like this but not this place anymore, okay? Wakakaka…
@Elvene @Beebii @Amelie @Chinyee

My favourite picture of the day. Haha~ I steal it from @Amelie blog. 
The cake of the day~ They brought for me. It’s black forest. Yum yum but we can’t finish the cake.

# After K-season, game game time.

Guess what? Pool time. My first time pool-ing and we stuck on first round about an hour. How shame we are. Haha..
Ps: I steal this photo also from @Amelie blog.

The newest technic. Cute right? Lolol~ 

My Tutti-Frutti ice-cream as my birthday dessert. I am Tutti-Frutti supporter.  

            Specially thank you @Alson for this expensive birthday gift. I love this gift so muchie~ Guess what? I think if everyone who loves camwhore will sure fall in love with this compact camera. Taadaa… Is Samsung ST550. This camera gave the easiest way to camwhore for me and friends. When I said to you that I saw my friends using this system of camera, you brought it to me without any regret on my birthday even this gift is quite expensive to me. By the way, I will appreciated this camera and perform the prettiest photos while I am hanging out. Love you and thanks god that can have this besties beside me. Teehee~ 

AND Thanks everyone who gave me presents. I will appreciate like a gold egg. Lolol… 

Lastly, this is my most favourite and appreciated in this pass 18th year’s life ever!
The story began with the day before my birthday;

I kept on asking my college-mates,
“Did you know tomorrow will be an important day?”

My chilling friends kept on acted in concert with me and answered,
“Tomorrow is holiday!! Wuhoo!! (Because the next day we didn’t have any lecture)”
OR “Tomorrow is Agong Birthday.”

They kept on answered the same when I kept asking them the same question. How silly me on that day!

We attended ‘Image Manipulation’ subject. Sir gave us free time to self-study while he was busy checking homework with other students. When I was playing GTA with computer lab, suddenly Sir said that he has a video that can help us in our homework and he forgot to bring his Mac Laptop. Then our lovely class-rep brings his red laptop out and start connecting with the monitor. Of course, I kept on playing with my GTA game. Next, @Winnie grabbed hers blackberry and @Amble grabbed Iphone from @Rays started recording to me. I felt weird why they kept recorded on me? Tadaa~

Suddenly, a birthday wish music video was played in front of me using the monitor.
Oh my god!! My feeling at that time is WOW~ I am so much touching on that time.
Thanks everyone for this music video especially @Ray for editing.
This is the most meaningful present ever in my 18th year’s life. Serious! Gamsahabnida!!

This is the video that my college-mates done for me. Love you all so muchie.
PS: Go to the top and you will see a speaker on my right top images header, then click it to silent.
That all!! Bye bye~


  1. LOL?! video on youtube already? >.<

  2. Yaya~ But it just can see on my bloggie only~ I make it private on youtube and public in my bloggie~ ^^