Friday, September 16, 2011

Mask Fever

Okay!! Another old post again. And this will be the WUHOO post. I had a great time with one of my assignment presentation. I enjoyed when I making my mask and its give me a lot of experiences.

Did you see the mask beside? Yaya! This mask is made by Chency aka ‘me’. I so proud of this mask and I get high marks for this assignment. My effort at the last gets return.

MAsK FeVeR Is sTaRtInG RiGhT NoW! ENjOy~

            We really enjoyed when we presented our mask in presentation. Before started, we already played crazy with the mask and camwhore-ing non-stop. Everyone showed off their skill on that day and I really claim a lot of new inspiration. Clap clap clap hand for all for that day. Great job!! 

This is the make from @Yeh, our pro-photoshoper~ We decide to made this because the mask that made by @Jean was very suitable for scare people.
PS: Go to the top. You will see a speaker on my right top images header and then click it to silent. 

# Masks collection of that day.

# Opera theme. Yup! The 1st picture is the most funniest mask and we all like it!!

# Camwhore-ing time!! 

# @Jean famous post and our class rep, @Bryan narcissism post. Both of you win liao lo. XD

# Woofie the @Ariel said; “I be the photographer today.” I love this photo.

# This is other group masks collection. I love their creativity and it’s so attract. They become famous because of this. Wahahahaa….

This is some of my making mask process tutorial. My theme of my mask is Noble Royalty. I love how French Royal had once upon ago. There noble and posture was so elegant and lovely. So I decided make my mask with this theme but look mysterious. So my mask name ‘The Black Bridal’, means a bridal with elegant and noble but looks mysterious. 

1# Let’s start!! Prepare materials for mask like newspapers, A4 papers (useless becoz want eco), glue, a balloon, hair dryer, tape, knife, scissor and water. Blow the balloon with your face size but I didn’t because my idea not including the face size so I just ignore it but make sure your balloon is curve. Then, cut the newspapers into pieces and stick it on the balloon like the picture below. When you stick it, soak to water 1st before soak to glue.

2# Second, dry it using hair dryer if you want make it dry faster. Of course you can use Mr.Sunnie as dryer too. Repeat the steps to make it thick.

3# Then, make a nose shape and paste it on. Repeat the step 1# and 2#.
After dry, bust up the balloon. Did you see the line on the right picture there? Yup, cut it make it smaller.

4# Draw a pair of eye on a paper and cut it out.

5# Cut the mask shape that you want just using scissor. My mask design is half for left and quarter for right.
Okay!! Is time to peel off the balloon. Thanks balloon for the basic character.   

6# Paste the 4# by measuring the distance between nose and forehead.

7# Cut it out carefully the useless part.

8# Using tape to tape all the cut parts for make it nicer at the end.

9# Last step!! Paste it continuous again using A4 paper for makes it thicker and solid. Just like step 1#

10# Now my mask design is half for left and quarter for right.

11# And you are done!! Start decorates with your own creativity. 

12# Lastly!! My final is out!! I’m played fabric in this design. Like it?

-The end-

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