Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Mooncake Rabbit Festival

                Tomorrow is the day of the most beautiful day for the moonie. By the way, firstly greet to all my friends and buddies, Happy MoonCake Festival. Already ate mooncake? Already played tanglung and candles? I haven’t but my little brother did. I think he is the most joyful guy in this festival session. Kids are always happy with their momento. Not like us? Already teenagers or mature, no more joyful like the kids are. Jealous? Yes, I am.  My parents brought a lot of boxes of mooncakes as a gift for my relatives. In this September, my mom really enjoy hers life. Guess what? My aunts and uncles are all back and reunite together. My mom hopes this moment quite a long time. Plus, one of my relatives who live in England also back to Malaysia. Welcome back~ Their images really quite blur in my mind because the last time I met them, I am still a small girl. Everybody changes now. Old man or women become older, kids become bigger and taller and teenagers become taller, face changes and had their own partner. Times really wait for no mankind.  Hope one day can more than 24 hours. Huhuu~~

Just left 7 days before my semester 2 start. I do looking forward to this sem. Why? Lolol… Because this sem is photography semester. I love photography and I did expect learn in college better than be a worm in home. Too much enjoys not that great too.  
            Oh ya, there’s a news quite makes me expecting. Guess what? I am going for a photo shooting soon. Quite happy but worry because this not in my range and it’s new to me. Scare looks weird, silly and unnatural. Oh gosh!! I think it twice and I start feel funny to myself. Hope I am done great tomorrow. I more expect to be a photographer better than a model. Shoot leng zaii and leng luii more enjoyable to me. Wakakkaaa…. I grab a new dslr soon. Yeah!!! I want to buy a Canon DSLR. Ooppss… Nope nope… Is Nikon DSLR. I like Nikon but not Canon. No why? Just like it so stop asking this question again, please...
Anyway, Happy Mooncake Festival to all peoples. Enjoy~


  1. oosshh....its dragon fruit's flavor it nice?=)

  2. Actually I just steal it from somewhere else~ I didn't try this before~ XD