Saturday, August 27, 2011

@OMG B'day + Sem 1 Gathering

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Oh My God,
Happy Birthday to you….

            Wuhoo!! Semester 1 break start from now!! This was about last three days 23rd August 2011 post, Semester 1 Gathering and also Oh My God’s birthday. You guys must be confuse why the name call Oh My God? Nope nope… This is his nickname in his facebook. Quite special right? I love call his name OMG, more nice and friendly… Wakakaka… We gonna celebrate with Omg birthday plus we also celebrating our sem 1 break… Time really waits for nobody. My first semester is end and I should start preparing for semester 2. Really? LoL…
My outfit of the day. No make-up and my face looked so pale. T^T

            Okay, back to topic. Gather all members together at Dang Wangi LRT station. Everybody is late!! Super duber late!! We suppose started our journey at 10.00am morning… No else… Teenagers culture… Haiz… Our first destination was @GSC, Pavillion K.L… We bought movie tickets first before we went for shopping and buffet time. Guess what? LoL, we watch ‘Rise of The Planet of The Apes’. I just have one word to describe about this movie, NICE. I love the smart brain of Ceaser (The Ape) and the happy ending of this movie. If you haven’t go for watch this movie, just go ahead and watch it but I can’t guaranty that either you love it or not. LoL…

Wow~ This was the first time I bought 11 tickets movie. Hope next time will reach 20 persons. ^^
1.A greedy piggy target @Jean drinks. 
2.She starts to stared at the drinks. 
3.Finally, she can drink it. 
4.She was so happy now. Wee wee~ 

            It is quite embarrassing when all of the Shogun workers wait for us to made decision. LoL… We just stand at outside for quite long minutes for made decision because some want it for dinner and some want it for lunch, so we use quite long minute to decide it. By the way, we lastly choose lunch time… Wuhoo!!! Time to throw of image and eat like a hungry lion… I can’t believe it that I spent over 3 hours for this lunch time… Anyway, this lunch period is enjoying because we had chit-chat and camwhore time within it… LoL…

            Of course, when u step your feet in Bukit Bintang area you sure will spend your money because Bukit Bintang is shopping heaven. Wakakaka… Is Shopping time!!! I bought a hair dye coloring. Is black blue color…. Hmm… Is a freshie color to me. Be patient to watch my new hair color soon… Not now because I just had my new color treatment (Violet Red). Teehee….
Our birthday’s boy. Trust me, he is more handsome than this picture. He look weird in photo~ LoL…
Snapped with @Jean and @OMG
The most favourite picture of that day…
@Jean and me
With our class rep, @Bryan… LoL…
Class rep with assistant class rep in this picture… Wee~
Me and @EeChin. She was awesome in coloring.
LoL.. @Jean and me again…
We love camwhore.
@Force and @Bear. 
Shooting again in toilet. While we were camwhoring, we heard boys annoying in their toilet. LoL…
@Ariel, @Omg and @Jean.
@Ariel is an amazing anime drawer and also coser. I love her skill so much.
The mankinds participated of that day... It was half members of our class.
Hope next time will be all participate in. 
Still have a lot of pictures want to show off but my bloggie can’t afford anymore.
If you want to view more, click > Omg's B'day.
Have a nice day… Teehee~ Biong! ^^

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