Thursday, August 18, 2011

★About me★

     ★  A girl who was born on 29th July 1993.  Live in Kuala Lumpur but born in Raub, Pahang, Malaysia.

          A girl who has a lot of confidences to face up everything no matter what situation is. She realized that will be a challenges to herself and a strong motivated to look forward more positively at future. So, she always change her attitudes anywhere as correction her fault and mistakes.

          A girl who has a bad temper. She like to blamed to other peoples no matter who they are. She always can’t control her temper and really emotional when something happens or attacking her. But she knew this was a bad thing in her body. So she tried very hard to remove this bad thing out from her body.

          A sketchy girl who love to talks and acts like a boy more than a girl. Her motion was very offending to the eye when doing anything. She always scolding by her mummy said, “Please don’t do like that anymore!! “ but she still enjoying what she has done in front of everybody. She felt natural when facing to her friends and families. So she was a friendly girl with a sketchy personality.

          A March Eight girl who loves to do something wierdo in front of her friends and family. She love to acted crazy thing and laughed loudly after she tricks her friends and family but she will said sorry as a apologized to them. By the way, she always enjoyed the processing.

          She always keeps in heart when she get lesson from who tried to teach her. She made this as a force to let her move more far at the future. This maybe will be the charms point to her. She is often hurts from love, but never afraid to look for a new one and she likes going straight forward when out her words. She wills always fighting for what her want and not allow anybody got it from her.

A  Leo Girl who had strong personalities and characteristics.

A girl who has a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.

Yup!! You are right!! That’s me,  Chency 希儿.  

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