Saturday, July 23, 2011

Brazil’s Tio, That’s me

Hola a todos!! I’m Brazil’s Tio who born from Malaysia... Lolz… Sound weird right? Haha…
This is one of my assignment presentations of Conceptual Design subject.
Yup!! I do really enjoy my college life. Happy every day because I have a lot of friends at there even I always stressed in rushing my assignment.
By the way, my eye bag looked bigger now. I hate it so much!!! Please stay away from me if could. WTF!!

Chency, you look damn relax on your course. Not many examination = no need to put efforts on it so much. ”, somebody said to me.

HuH? I can’t even understand what my friend talking about. Yup! I’m just need to take only three subject test but not equal to I didn’t need to put efforts on my entire subjects course. It’s was dammit funny when I heard somebody said this to me. Maybe my course lesson is quite different but every course still has its own difficulty.

Now my clock is pointing 1.54am in the morning and I still rushing updating my momento blog while waiting for my mask completely dry.  My eye is heavy now and I can’t sleep because of tons of assignment waiting me for complete. Arrgghhhh!!! Calling S.O.S!!!
By the way, I enjoy what I had done before, now and future. Oh ya!! I will share with your guys my projects soon on my bloggie.  Enjoying watching my photos below with silly action too. Teehee~ ^^

DML1/U1 (Diploma In Multimedia Design)
My classmates~ LOL~

My project, South America. My members, @Winnie, @Amble, @Ee Chin (Not attended), & Me

Amble and me play shooting... Shoot shoot~ XD

My classmates... ^^

Other groups continent... ^^ Nice work...

Everybody nice works... ^^

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