Monday, July 18, 2011

18th July 2011

Today, lecturer cancel class so I been alone at class. Nobody come to class because they received the message before them out of home. =.=” Just me only… Lol! WTF!! Went to cafeteria alone and surfing internet till 2.00pm… Luckily my laptop and my assignment with me, if not I’m dammit bored alone… With laptop & internet time, time waits like no man, without it time slow like shit! Lolz…

Next, when I arrived to next lecturer class… The air conditioning was broke down… Lolz… =.=” Not a great day today… Until, when I wanna back to hommie, I found that my painting material was gone… Oh my god!! I rush back to get my material… Yup, I found it but I dammit angry when I saw my pain tablet was wet and dirty… I saw them used my things… WTF!!! WTF!!! They don’t have learnt moral before I guess… They didn’t that ‘Please don’t touch other privacy/things if not belong to yours?’ Dammit suck!!
When I found something not belong to me, I keep it so nicely without touching anything inside and tried my best to give back to owner BUT I think because of that kind of people, I start wanna changing my mind… Huh? I want be a manner girl with a manner attitude so I won’t… Lolz…

Other, I found that my temper temperature was not that high anymore… Previously, when I’m on a moody, I sure blame others but now I won’t anymore… Good thing to me… Should always on the bright point~ Lolz… Blame already on facebook and bloggie… My moody gone.. Wuhoo!! Another life point to be continued… Piss *winked

My recent life… Will updating as soon as possible… Stay tune~ *winked

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