Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Daddy Day 2011

Of coz, this is previous me~ Erm… Actually before I not the good student~ Lolzz… I didn’t take photo on daddy day~ Unfortunately, I didn’t take with my daddy also~ T.T
Firstly, said to my daddy…. Daddy, daddy Hapee Daddy Daee.. Salangheayo ^3^ Not miss out greet for all daddy in the world too… ^^

18th June 2011, Saturday  Actually when for One Utama Shopping Centre for choosing for my daddy celebration gift. But… =.=” Nothing to bought … I really don’t know my daddy need what kind of things? Shopping around there almost 2 hours still can’t get any idea… Failure daughter!! T.T Ate my lunch at Tang Sifu. This concept of restaurant is healthy served with Chinese medicine soup. Actually is yummy but I not really prefer soup so it’s just okay for me. Mummy ate a ramen wine soup made her felt so hot. Haha... Mummy was drunk… I ate a ramen soup with abalone and scallop. Wow!! Feel yummier rite? Lolz… Muahhahaa… After lunch time, of course!! 
Is dessert time!! I love dessert time so much. Ate my dessert at Tutti Frutti, this is a yogurt ice-cream is 0% fat… Love it… I love ice-cream muchie muchie… ^^
A whole day, I bought nothing for my daddy but I bought a backpack bag from Body Gloves for myself. Haha… Felt sorry to daddy but my backpack is certain bought because my Puma backpack is byebye alrdy~ T.T Went for steamboat dinner at Kepong… Kepong is a steamboat place… If you love steamboat, you should go Kepong or Menjalara… Teehee… I love spicy~~ The steamboat that I was ate was super spicy… Sad for my face because the bean come visit me… NO!!! T.T WTF

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Tons of Assignments with FATTY Chency!!

Previously me!! Did you see it? Now!! WTF!! I’m super fat now~ Fatty Chency!! I scared to show out my pictures now~ T.T”

Lolz…  I’m so so busy about my assignments... It’s just like never finish… Wanna starts scream!! Help me… Anybody please help me… Complain again to my baby bloggie♥ and my readers. (My mouth become n shape) Why the homework never end? Like @Yukie said, “Who made the rule of homework-ing?” Loz… Dammit agree… I hate homework!! These all things really faint me… Gosh gosh!!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

14th June 2011

Hello? Wake up-ing m blog~ I think my blog was on hibernation. Sorry to my baby bloggie♥, fellow friends and readers. I was so much busy rushed my assignment. No time for hang out with buddies, no time accompanied my little brother for his birthday, no more time even watching television. Wuhuuu~~ Crying to myself again… Yukie and Mey called me for yamcha but I rejected them because of my stupid assignments... *WTF

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

04th June 2011

Chency!!! Why you at here???!!!! Lolz~ Why I still have time to blogging now… I had 6 assignments to rush now… I should rush now. But, lazy lolz~ Bored for just rushing rushing only lolz…

By the way, Welcome June~ XD

Yesterday hang out with my friends, they looked surprised to me! Lolz,Why?
They said, “Chency, you look damn different now! OMG!”.
I asked, “(Weird expression) What different? More leng luii already leh *Kidding voice”.
Haha, Narcissism. You give me feel so guai (good) and change a lot”.
Of course!  I’m Chency what…. Haha, btw change from where?”
Your dressing, your manner of speaking, your attitude, your everything I think. Can’t explain.”
Yup, you not the first and the last one who’s commented to me like that. I also realized that to myself”.
More comfortable with you now. Damn talkative but not eight-march.”
WTF, then you mean that you not comfortable with me before right?”
Ooppsss…. You know what I mean already…..”
You such bitch. Haha……”
You biatch too what… Haha…”
What the…..” continued laughing…

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