Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sickness Timetable

My college life started at 03/05/2011, 10.30am morning since I stepped my foot on there. Felt with 100% committed and excited. But I start feel sick to my course timetable. It not fixed and not stable. The time table was changed every week made my time goes upside down. This implicated my family. Sorry to them because they always needed to matched up their times just for me. 

Sometimes I think want to live outside but I hate to leave my home~ I don’t hope leave my baby roomy. But this really bothering all of us. What should I do? Should I leave at outside where near my college or continuing bothering my parents time? I’m confusing!!! I do really hope I can get my driving licence as soon as possible. (*Begging)

Class start at 8.00am morning  tomorrow. Need to sleep early today. Everyone goodnight and wish you all have a great day tomorrow. Bye~ ^^

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