Monday, May 9, 2011

Hot News

Recently, there’s hot news in facebook make everybody shocking and moody. Yup! That right! Is the case of four girl bullied a weak inferior girl. I can’t even caught and understand why they do like that. Is a joke? Or just for fun? Sorry, that really over!!  If you don’t like the girl why don’t just bother the girl? Being a barber and punch the girl is that really fun? I don’t know they have sense consequences or not after bullied the weak girl. They made their parents can’t face to publics and feel shame. They maybe shameless but please please please think about your dearest and nearest family about the effects. Are you all happy when your face on the front page newspaper and hint over millions visitors in youtube? Is that a way to get fame? That a wrong wrong way. Yup! You are popular now BUT being critics till unworthy. Is that the right fame? Whatever you like it. I think police station is your school now. Hope you enjoy it.

Oh ya!! There’s another happiness news to share. Happy Wedding to Blackie & Fan. They already sweet couple 10 years. Really congratz them. They really match and sweet together all the times. Hope they can live happiness till the end of their life.

Other, My FAKER already gone. Thanks a lot to my friends help me to report to facebook. Thanks a lot. Owes you all a favor. O(_)O~

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