Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happie Mummy Day




Firstly, Happy Mother Day to all mummy in the world. What you brought for your mummy? What surprise you give her? Travel ticket, Awesome dinner, Superior gift, Handmade card, Tulips or a big hug? No matter what you done, your mummy was just touch even you didn’t buy her anything only a big huggie ♥~

Today morning hang out with my friends, Yukie, Mey, See Siong and Joeann. Just a simple breakfast and morning talk in mamak stall. Then, we go Yukie house for some entertaining. Actually, we dated for play ghost PS2 game. But, it a little bit weird play in the morning plus my eye still felt heavy in the morning. So at the last we just blah blah blah talked about new school life and new friends. Even just a little chit chat but a very good moment too. Start from next week, everybody start busy with their open school and I start my tutorial class too. ^^

After back from chit chat with my friends, now is my mummy hang out turns. I already dated her yesterday called her free her time today and had a shopping time for my mother’s day gift. At the first, I decide wanted brought her a collagen drinks but at the last we step our feet on that shop, she change up her mind. She said to me that she wants organic drink. A healthy drink. Mummy said to me, “A beautiful look up actually started from a healthy life”.  Yup! Damn agree with mummy quotes. Thanks mummy for the lesson. ^^

At the last, I buy her Biogreen healthy drinks, Pink Lady Oat milk, O’tigres Black Bean Milk and Pre-Balance Powder. Many people introduce this to us. It is healthy, fragrant, and good for skin too.  Once mother like it everything will be fine.

Pass by Maxis shop, oh my gosh!! I see a girl taken IPhone 4GS White Series. Arrghh~~ Mummy took me ask the dealers seem whether have any stock more? Unfortunately, all sold out! Oh my god, is too hot already. Then I ask any reserve for booking Iphone 4GS, they say not. If want please come again tomorrow. =.=” He say to me maybe the stock will arrive, just maybe. So? I need come back again or? Confusing me!

Having dinner at Kuala Selangor for seafood time. Crabs, Prawns, Bivalves, Oysters and many more in dish table. Eat so satisfaction. Yummy yummy~~ But when I back, Oh my god! (3rd time saying this verb already) I’m allergic. My lip like a big sausage and my body has dots red. Just trying to put much lotion for moisturizes my body and lip scrub for my lip.

By the way, enjoying and moody (because of some cases) feeling today.

Happy Mother Day, Mummy. A mother who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. A mother who always kind to me too. (3)♥♥


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