Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dizzy Assignments

Lolz… I dunno why I just had mood bogging in the middle night while I need to wake up early morning tomorrow…  Still awake for blogging with baby bloggie ♥~

Dizzy dizzy!! Dizzy with my assignments now… @.@ A lot of assignments need to rush. This is only semester 1 but I already faint in all assignments. Any seniors can teach me how to use times smartly? Drawing drawing drawing…  All about drawing with my assignments except Hubungan Etnik and English Language.  Gosh in all subjects I think! I’m just the failure. Always used times not smartly and wasted it like that. Bullshit me!!
Heard from some seniors that co-curricular course also need assignment to pass up. Issit ture? No way! No way! Start crazy!! At the last that I found that I a dummy girl who can’t inheritance stress.  I really need a counseling friend try to treat me. Lolz XD *Kidding.

Other, my English actually so suck!! Not!! Is dammit suck!! I need a lot of work to improve my English better. Did blogging improve my English? A bit I think but mostly my grammars in bloggie♥ suck too… Any pro in English? I think everyone pro than me… L

Recently, I fascinated in two dramas, Why Ah Sir is Ah Sir and My Sister of Eternal Flower. Why Ah Sir is Ah Sir has come to nervous part! Today, I watched 27th episode that Charles and Ceci been caught and Carman was been hurt deeply. I can’t imagine that my lover one day cheat on me and everything that he done also fake, maybe I will not in love again forever or kill myself. To me, I don’t like Luo Sir cause he using the wrong wrong way to caught Charles. Poor Carmen~~

My sister of Eternal Flower really entertained me. Once again, I saw Charmaine Sheh acting skill… “Pro” can only using at her. She was so cute in this drama. Bigger eye look and motions… Love her~ ^^

My eyelid starting down now. Is time to say goodnight to you all guys. Have a sweet dream also ya. ^^

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