Monday, May 2, 2011

Cameron Highland

Firstly, Happy Labour Day to all workers. This is a super-holic public free rest holiday. Everybody  was free on this day.
Secondly, daddy brings us stayed in Cameron Highlands for two days one night. This is my first time I stayed in there. Before, I always prefer stayed in Genting Highland or Bukit Tinggi as my family holiday travel places. And, I won’t change my mind also too because I not really like Cameron Highland. Nothing to played and just only vegetables fruits at there. Not suitable for me. Nonono*

Reached there about 7.30pm night (30th April 2011). Oh my god! *WTF Damn jam! Many families love this place but not my family. We started gonna crazy for this jam about 2 hours at Cameron Highland. But lastly, we reached our resort about 7.45pm. Yahoo! Steamboat and Barbecue time as our dinner. Their setting and food quiet nice and comfortable. After finished our dinner, we went to night market for some walk and then we just end for our 1st night at Cameron Highland.

The next day (01st May 2011), wake up 8.30am morning. Oh my god! I serious insomnia!   I can’t sleep well whole night. No way, push my self be more spiritual today. We just only visit vegetables farm and cactus farm because raining heavily after that. No more way to go, so we just back to Selangor after this. But I appreciated every moment with my family.

Sorry to say, my non-make up face. If make you scared, I apologize. 

Having delicious ice-cream from Baskin Robin first before go Cameron Highland. Yumm yummy*

Having nice tea with nice environment.

Welcome to Cameron Valley Tea. ^^

Daddy and Mummy

A man having a cup of tea and a girl playing Iphone 4gs is my eldest brother and his girlfriend, Amy.

Me, Daddy and my little brother. (At resort)

My second brother and Wei Jun, aunt son. 

Chen Jun. Cute with strawberry earmuff.

Cute girl, Xiao Mei.

Daddy and mummy was buying cactus.

Barbecue time. 

Steamboat time.

Mummy and aunts.

End my blog here. Bye bye.

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