Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The 1st day of My College Life

This was my previous picture. Curl it by myself.
I want curl and dye my hair soon.

Today is my 1st day of my new college life. Wake up more earlier today. A little excited and nervous. Brushing my teeth, comb my hair, wear my new t-shirt, new short jeans, new bags, new file, new lens, new shoes, new nail colour, new hairstyle….. Everything new from top to bottom. Thanks daddy and mummy brought all this for me. Really appreciated what they done to me.  Other than that, sorry for wasted so much money just because of me to new collage life.

Reach at TarC about 10.07am morning fetch by my daddy. Wow!! There a lot of freshmen stand outside at the College Hall. Damn nervous at there. Just keep myself silent when line up to confirm application and TarC uniform. Change the new uniform and get a seat inside the College Hall. Thinking is there any freshmen who same course with me? (Multimedia Design) After some minute, be familiar with some new friends who sit beside, up ad back of me. Haha~ I’m a quick familiar person. *joke

Today Dato Ong Ka Ting came to our collage to give us some speech. After that, all students start separate with our own course tour by our senior course senior. Senior tour us to our course class and some facilities. And that the end of my 1st day collage life today.

Oh ya! There’s something I need to explain to all my friends about why I’m choosing TarC. Many of you asking me why I’m choosing TarC not even other collage and I actually afford study at other collage. Erm~ Sorry to say that, EXCUSE ME, actually I’m not in the responsible explain to you all.

I’m choosing TarC had my own reasons.
-First, I have compared some collages with collages. At the first, I made my decision study at Lim Kok Wing but at the last I give up because of my parents didn’t let me go there.
-Then, Saito didn’t have the course that I want.  Raffles College I didn’t have any chance visit there.
-Then time by time, I decide choose TarC as my college life because both of my brothers study Pre-Uni at there.
-Second, their reputation is better than other.
-Third, their co-curricular course really attracted me. Other colleges only limited with some co-curricular curse but Tarc offer a lot kind of it.
-And the most important thing, *haha Korean Society language!! I wanted learn it so much. I’m not sure other collage had this offer or not but this really made my decision to TarC.
-Lastly, their fees? Cheap? Is affordable actually.  I can pay it by myself without using my parent money. If I can't afford soon, I can apply PTPTN as my supporter soon but I know that I didn’t need it at my future life.
That all. There a lot of talent student too at there. Hope I can enjoy with my new high school life. Smile~ ^^

Tomorrow need to wake up more earlier because tomorrow class will be start at 9.00am morning. Need to sleep earlier start from today. Good night everybody. Sleep tight , dream sweet. ^^

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