Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dizzy Assignments

Lolz… I dunno why I just had mood bogging in the middle night while I need to wake up early morning tomorrow…  Still awake for blogging with baby bloggie ♥~

Dizzy dizzy!! Dizzy with my assignments now… @.@ A lot of assignments need to rush. This is only semester 1 but I already faint in all assignments. Any seniors can teach me how to use times smartly? Drawing drawing drawing…  All about drawing with my assignments except Hubungan Etnik and English Language.  Gosh in all subjects I think! I’m just the failure. Always used times not smartly and wasted it like that. Bullshit me!!
Heard from some seniors that co-curricular course also need assignment to pass up. Issit ture? No way! No way! Start crazy!! At the last that I found that I a dummy girl who can’t inheritance stress.  I really need a counseling friend try to treat me. Lolz XD *Kidding.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Thanks all to my followers for follow me on twitter and facebook. Today I reach 500 followers on Twitter and 1000 friends in Facebook Page. Maybe you think this was nothing but to me, it’s really meaningful~ Especially my twitter! Tq tq~

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Evil May 2011

Huhuk!! I started cried because I wanna bankrupt already!  In this evil May, I already spent a lot of money! Sad sad T.T But in the same time, I happy because this was the first time I brought whatever I want without thinking any money problems. Thanks a lot for my parents, buddies and my hubby who sponsored to this SILLY FAT girl. Love you all a lot~ Muackz

I spent a lot of money especially brought my items for my subjects and software. Beside than that, I also spent a lot in my dressing because I had no more clothes to wear. Thanks mummy and hubby also brought me new clothes.

Today, hang out with my family without my daddy coz him overseas now. I can’t imagine that today I spend over RM2000 just for shopping today. I need hospital to live in now! Oh my god! This really surprises me when recording my pocket money in my notebook. Oh gosh gosh Gosh!! I want faint!! Never wake up anymore!!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

18th May 2011

Erm~ A randomly updated actually~ Life like usual, nothing special and everyday study study study start make me felt gosh!! Starting with a lot of assignments without ready~ Tired felling already numb me~  Everyday woke up in the early morning and backed to home lately…. Made me can’t hang out at all… Does anyone willing hang out with me? I guess nobody~ I always rejected my buddies made my buddies felt bored to ask me…. Sorry~~ Damn sorry~ My schedule notebook already filled in all spaces in… Everytimes open my schedule notebook to checked, there no more spaces for me to fill in for dates… This really made me crazy!! All spaces about exams, driving, lessons and college studies…

Always asking myself with no question~ Am I’m a nerd actually? Am I’m such that person hard to dated? Am I’m a busy person made over 1,000,000 above a months with a lot of schedule? NOT!! I’m NOT!! I just a normal girl like other girls!! Why my schedules are more fixed than other girl? I just want have a little spaces or times to myself for some rest~~ Really tired!! Is really tired!! (*cry)

Always comforted myself that this life will be ending soon…  Will be ending there? Maybe I always think in negative ways… BUT… I can’t control my mind… I’m trying hard to think the positive way… But I know actually I am happy with my now life… JUST can’t control recently mind... Will fix it up as soon as possible…. Wrote all my feeling outs really make my feeling better~~ Thanks bloggie as my shoutout place. 

Gambateh, Chency!! Tomorrow will be the better day~ Have to sleep now~ Ready for my next day~ Night,everybody~ ^^

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Monday, May 16, 2011

GoodBye My Dearest Joeann

(Crying) Good bye my dearest friend, Joeann who is going leaves me from K.L to Kajang for her education life. While I was reluctant her to go but the other side I’m blessings of her that she could happily at there with new college life. She took fashion design course which is my dream ambition while I was a small girl. She helps me to fulfil my fashion designer dream job. Really hope her that she can easily graduate. Dear @Joeann, I will always miss you. If I get my driving license, I sure will drive to your place find you and hug you. Don’t forget me when you at there. Will always miss you. (Big Hug, Muackz)

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sickness Timetable

My college life started at 03/05/2011, 10.30am morning since I stepped my foot on there. Felt with 100% committed and excited. But I start feel sick to my course timetable. It not fixed and not stable. The time table was changed every week made my time goes upside down. This implicated my family. Sorry to them because they always needed to matched up their times just for me. 

Sometimes I think want to live outside but I hate to leave my home~ I don’t hope leave my baby roomy. But this really bothering all of us. What should I do? Should I leave at outside where near my college or continuing bothering my parents time? I’m confusing!!! I do really hope I can get my driving licence as soon as possible. (*Begging)

Class start at 8.00am morning  tomorrow. Need to sleep early today. Everyone goodnight and wish you all have a great day tomorrow. Bye~ ^^

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Hot News

Recently, there’s hot news in facebook make everybody shocking and moody. Yup! That right! Is the case of four girl bullied a weak inferior girl. I can’t even caught and understand why they do like that. Is a joke? Or just for fun? Sorry, that really over!!  If you don’t like the girl why don’t just bother the girl? Being a barber and punch the girl is that really fun? I don’t know they have sense consequences or not after bullied the weak girl. They made their parents can’t face to publics and feel shame. They maybe shameless but please please please think about your dearest and nearest family about the effects. Are you all happy when your face on the front page newspaper and hint over millions visitors in youtube? Is that a way to get fame? That a wrong wrong way. Yup! You are popular now BUT being critics till unworthy. Is that the right fame? Whatever you like it. I think police station is your school now. Hope you enjoy it.

Oh ya!! There’s another happiness news to share. Happy Wedding to Blackie & Fan. They already sweet couple 10 years. Really congratz them. They really match and sweet together all the times. Hope they can live happiness till the end of their life.

Other, My FAKER already gone. Thanks a lot to my friends help me to report to facebook. Thanks a lot. Owes you all a favor. O(_)O~

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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Oh my god!! Why me? I’m not pretty, not special at all. Why use my picture as her profile picture? Plus she is on a relationship with a girl call 升晴. I keep shocking when I get inform from my friend. Anyway, thanks for my friend tell me this thing. Oh gosh! Moody right now!! I don’t know how to report her. I report myself seem like useless. Then, I try calls help from my friends too. Hope will be settling soon.

This faker name 晴升.
Please do me a favor report too. Really appreciate your help. Thank q. Thank q. Thank q. >.<"

My friends report to me.

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Happie Mummy Day




Firstly, Happy Mother Day to all mummy in the world. What you brought for your mummy? What surprise you give her? Travel ticket, Awesome dinner, Superior gift, Handmade card, Tulips or a big hug? No matter what you done, your mummy was just touch even you didn’t buy her anything only a big huggie ♥~

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

My First Rest Day of My College Life

I’m not updated my bloggie last night because I damn tired about yesterday. I lost in campus!! Damn gosh!! How shame was it!! I using 20 minutes to find my class and the distance from one building to one building was damn far!! I wish I could have a skater in college. At the last, I’m late to class. Sorry for the second late. Feel shame to myself. After lecture, a senior call I go for audition of talent time night.
Oh gosh! I have no talent at all. What talent should I show? But I really want the talent time night ticket so much. I stand beside the audition room keep asking myself, “Should I go for audition? But, I really shame to show off.” I didn’t have brave to show off in front of strangers but I brave to play every danger game. This is my stupid barriers. I stand there about 45 minutes at there. But it’s worth because I know three lengzaii seniors at there. Never mind,  try other way to get the ticket.

Yahoo!! Today is my rest day. The first rest day in my college life. Sleeping till twelve o’clock today. Be a super piggy at home. Online-ing, chatting and watching movie. Have a really great time at home.  Actually nothing to write about my rest day. Just wanna to share my feeling out only. Tomorrow have a great morning breakfast with my sweet darlings and brings my mummy to One Utama Shopping Centre buy her anything that she like as mother’s day gift. Of course some fees of shopping will be pay by mummy la… Hehe~ Night~ ^^
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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Iphone 4GS White Series at the last is available in Malaysia. I waited this till my neck become long. I ready to book this Iphone on this 14th or 15th May maybe if my daddy agree buy it for me. Sorry for my SE Satio because want abandon you soon. Thanks for accompany me for 5 months, actually two months because 3 months I stayed in National Service Kem so I didn’t brought it there. Many friends suggested me waited for Iphone 5 arrive but there’s an announcement that Iphone 5 will be hold on till next year. I can’t wait anymore. I hate waiting!

Maxis reveal the Iphone 4 package.
Iphone 4GS White is available too. Oh my gosh!!
Both my brother are now using Iphone 4GS Black and I so jealous to them. I had a little bit regret brought SE Satio because after I brought SE Satio the next week Iphone 4GS is finally arrived to Malaysia. Damn Gosh!
Both of my brothers using iValue 2.
Daddy, me and my little brother will get new Iphone 4GS soon. Just need to be patient.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The 2nd Day of My College Life

Today is the second day of my college life. My classroom at block AKDBD and I late 10 minutes to there because of car jammed. When I step my foot into the class, my heartbreak damn fast. Feel nervous and no idea where should I sit? Oh gosh! I hate this feeling. Our senior help us to pick course rep, assistant and treaser. After that, Miss Teng Sook Hooi give us some detail and examples of portfolio as a detail.  

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The 1st day of My College Life

This was my previous picture. Curl it by myself.
I want curl and dye my hair soon.

Today is my 1st day of my new college life. Wake up more earlier today. A little excited and nervous. Brushing my teeth, comb my hair, wear my new t-shirt, new short jeans, new bags, new file, new lens, new shoes, new nail colour, new hairstyle….. Everything new from top to bottom. Thanks daddy and mummy brought all this for me. Really appreciated what they done to me.  Other than that, sorry for wasted so much money just because of me to new collage life.

Reach at TarC about 10.07am morning fetch by my daddy. Wow!! There a lot of freshmen stand outside at the College Hall. Damn nervous at there. Just keep myself silent when line up to confirm application and TarC uniform. Change the new uniform and get a seat inside the College Hall. Thinking is there any freshmen who same course with me? (Multimedia Design) After some minute, be familiar with some new friends who sit beside, up ad back of me. Haha~ I’m a quick familiar person. *joke

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21st Wedding Anniversary

Daddy and Mummy, Happy 21st Wedding Anniversary ♥~ 

Congrazt congratz. My daddy and mummy started their journey life at 02/05/1990. In this 21 years, daddy and mummy had their happiness moment and also birthed four of us. Thanks a lot for sweet caring and love. Hope Daddy and Mummy can sweet together till the end of life. 

Love you, daddy mummy.  

Thanks daddy fulfil all wishes that I want.
Thanks mummy always caring me.
Both of you are my angels. 

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Cameron Highland

Firstly, Happy Labour Day to all workers. This is a super-holic public free rest holiday. Everybody  was free on this day.
Secondly, daddy brings us stayed in Cameron Highlands for two days one night. This is my first time I stayed in there. Before, I always prefer stayed in Genting Highland or Bukit Tinggi as my family holiday travel places. And, I won’t change my mind also too because I not really like Cameron Highland. Nothing to played and just only vegetables fruits at there. Not suitable for me. Nonono*

Reached there about 7.30pm night (30th April 2011). Oh my god! *WTF Damn jam! Many families love this place but not my family. We started gonna crazy for this jam about 2 hours at Cameron Highland. But lastly, we reached our resort about 7.45pm. Yahoo! Steamboat and Barbecue time as our dinner. Their setting and food quiet nice and comfortable. After finished our dinner, we went to night market for some walk and then we just end for our 1st night at Cameron Highland.

The next day (01st May 2011), wake up 8.30am morning. Oh my god! I serious insomnia!   I can’t sleep well whole night. No way, push my self be more spiritual today. We just only visit vegetables farm and cactus farm because raining heavily after that. No more way to go, so we just back to Selangor after this. But I appreciated every moment with my family.

Sorry to say, my non-make up face. If make you scared, I apologize. 

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