Monday, April 25, 2011

Sorry, I’m Not a Good Girl.

Sorry, I’m not a good girl ready to be your girlfriend.
Sorry, I’m not a good girl ready to couple with you.
Sorry, I’m not a good girl ready to be a part of your life.

Sorry~ For rejected your love. Maybe I’m going  too straight to rejected you . I’m really appreciated you as my step brother but I hope our relationship just only sibling. I’m not ready facing my new relationship. I enjoy my single life already 4 months. I know I hurt you deeply. I apologize for anything that I hurt you.

When you said to me that you deeply hurt when I rejected you without thinking made you felt as a failure, …. I’m really sad when you said this to me. Maybe I’m too stupid to word my quotes without thinking your feelings. I hope we can just hanging out, chit chat, tea time and karaoke together like usual as sibling.  You are a good brother. Take cared me about everything. But so sorry, I’m not the suitable type for you. I hope you can found another girl better than this stupid emotional me. God and me will bless you~ 

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