Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photo Session (National Service)

28th January 2011, the day held a photo session for instructors and trainees NS Group 1, Series 8, Year 2011. On that day, everyone was pretty well-dressed and ready to capture beautiful pictures and beautiful.  We are not only very happy but we also sing songs and companies of the respective companies of which the bet is more powerful. We just like kind of a small boy.  Unfortunately, I did not bring camera at the time, otherwise I have to catch a lot of pictures as memories of the time.

After the photo session, back to their respective class modules. In class that day was the last module, feel very happy that no longer needed to always felt asleep in class. In the final module grade, teachers were given a letter for us to send greetings back home or to their friends.

At first, I want to write letters home, but due to feeling awkward, so I chose to wrote to my friend, Wilson and Catherine. They are my best friend since childhood. I am not sure of their address, so I hope that my address will be safe to send it to them.

My last out of the National Service, Wilson told me that he was very surprised when I received a letter from.
Hoho ~ ~ ~ God Bless me safely at the end of the letter has been received. Xixi ....

Instructors and trainees Kem Bina Semangat, Kuala Kubu Bharu.
Group 1, Series 8, Year 2011.
Start trained from 2nd Jan to 13th Mac 2011.
(Damn miss that moment)

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