Friday, April 22, 2011

New Clothes for My Baby Bloggie♥

Firstly, sorry to my baby bloggie for abandon you for a quite long time. Secondly, I apologized to myself for missing many moments to share it on my bloggie. Thirdly, sorry to my friends who always cared about me and I not replying them. I have my own reason because from March to April I’m busying with something that I need submit it as soon as possible. Hope they all will forgive me and I know they will. ^^

Back to topic, did you all see any different about my baby bloggie? I changed a new template to my baby bloggie. I’m using black as a main colour to my baby bloggie. I did this new template using one day one night to finish it. Oh my god I have to said to this new template because a lot of html and css to checked and putted in. (Att: If you don’t understand, you sure can’t done this all.) When I’m in progressing, my eye and my brain damn tired when try to understanding and putting html and css in my new template. But, is already worth when I see my new baby bloggie have a new face and different about her.

Other than that, I’m also changed my new banner, music, picture and also widgets in my new template. Did you hear the song in this blog? Is Love Me from Yiruma, a famous korean pianist. Damn love this song and relax when heard this song.

End my word at here, don’t forgot to leave your footprint at here. Bye bye. ^^

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