Wednesday, April 20, 2011


14 February 2011 - Why do I write the blog title, "My Very Special Valentine First and Last Day Ever '? Because this is the first and last time I celebrated my Valentine at the camp of National Service. I used a lot of Valentine's Day celebrated with my ex-boyfriend, but not like this very special and warmed. That day was a very special day for me. I celebrated with my friends in the National Service. Thanks to the Xheylie’s mother because they helped us buy a Valentine's cake, and cooking great food for us.

As usual when we got quite a lot of delicious food in front of us, we will surely be a hungry ghost ate a hurried and do not be polite. We ate happily and joke around. After finished eating, we began to take the Valentine cake and start capturing images. Normally, we are super cam-whore models. Haha~ After posed with cake, we brought the cake out of our dorm to the dining hall to find our boy buddies, Jie Kai, Leng and Aaron to celebrated together.

Valentine is a Valentine's Day the most special to me and can’t be repeated again.

From Xheylie's mother : Happy Valentine to Xheylie and Friends in NS.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my NS Friends.

We posing happily. ^^

Love our friendship forever. ^^

This picture have a little blur.

With our boy buddies, Jie Kai, Leng and Aaron. (Leng was missing from this picture)

Mincy, Lei ying and me~

Mincy and me~

Apple and Mincy.

Apple and me.

Me and Xheylie.

Chui and Mincy.

Xheylie and Mincy.

Chui and me.

Started eating cake. Wakakaka~~

Lei ying and Mincy.

Me and Pei Mun.

Pui Mun and Mincy.

Lei ying and me.

Jie Kai with the cake.

Me. Oh My holly Shit! I'm being so fat in N.S. 

Chui Ting with cake. ^^

Mincy with cake.

Mincy with cake.

We all very appreciated this moment forever.

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