Thursday, April 21, 2011

Flying Fox

18th February 2011 – Actually, I’m really learnt a lot from National Service. It made mature, independent , fatter (holly shit) and happier. This was the one of my favourite ofthe all activities I done before. Guess what activities was that? Hmmm… I heard someone call me stupid girl…. Hahax… Ya! That was flying fox.

I’m played flying fox at National Service. Although it not very tall and high but the feeling at that moment was very amazing. This was better than genting the most highest game. I swear! When coach called us line-up to played this game. I just liked a woman who was rushing to get their discount items. Lolz~ Liked sinchan mama… I rushing damn fast to line-up at the front.

That moment I flying down was damn amazing and feel so free. I hope I can played it more but I don’t know where have this game to play. Searching searching~~ ^^

Jocelyn , me and Lei Ying

Me and Jocelyn Lee.

Waiting to climb up~ Possing first~ ^^

Look liked serious? Lolz~~ Haha~~

Chatting with friends awhile still waiting.

My turns at the last.

Climb climb climb. I hated climb this stair.

Moving to next stair.

Climb again~ ^^

Coach are helping me to fly it down. Wohoo!!

Are you ready, Chency??!!!

I'm ready! Go go go~ ^^

Wohoo!! Freedom!!

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