Friday, April 29, 2011

Actually what mean LOVE?

                 Recent, don’t know why? I always moody when night no star and moonlight on the sky accompany me. Felt boring at home every day liked a useless person. Moody for hang out with my buddies. Moody for everything at night. Promise to myself that I need to slept earlier everyday but I’m insomnia.  Oh!! Bullshit thing!! Nothing to do was not fun at all. Feeling like no target and no life meaning at all. I’m like my life always busy and tired, this make my life more meaningful at least I have my target to go.
My sweety babe, Jolin was broke up with her boyfriend. She was so upset and cried. She really loved her boyfriend so much. Sorry to my sweety babe because I’m can’t help her at all. I’m just only can be your good listener and comforter. Strong it up, my babe. You can find another better guy who can really give you happiness. Maybe your heart really pain now, but times can washed away your pain and heal you. Cheer up my babe. I always ready to be your listener and comforter everytime when you need me.

Actually what mean LOVE?
Love, is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.
Love, teaches how respect and care.
Love, has power to believe in your abilities.
Love, can as delicious as honey or bitter as poison. It is up to your heart desire.
Love, is not a trade. Just love and not expect to be loved.
Love, makes a man the most beautiful person of the world.
Love, made you been appreciated every moment where you are.

What you all think about love? Love can be separate to many types. Love from families, lovers and also friends. We can find our happiness no matter you a single person or a couple. Because no matter which you are, you have the valued to be love by other.  

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Ji Mui Dating♥

Today dating at Amelie’s house with Liana. Just three of us at the house with a doggy. After graduated, we haven’t meet each other anymore only connect with facebook. When I get Liana’s call yesterday, I had a little shilly-shally about it. But at the last, I’m agreed dated with Liana and Amelie.

Amelie and I, we been argued a lot of times before. We had a lot of without discrepancy of each other before. But, at the last we decided to put it down and let it go of the past. And actually liked nothing happened before. If you learn how to put it down, then you will realized that you mind actually free and relax.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Sorry, I’m Not a Good Girl.

Sorry, I’m not a good girl ready to be your girlfriend.
Sorry, I’m not a good girl ready to couple with you.
Sorry, I’m not a good girl ready to be a part of your life.

Sorry~ For rejected your love. Maybe I’m going  too straight to rejected you . I’m really appreciated you as my step brother but I hope our relationship just only sibling. I’m not ready facing my new relationship. I enjoy my single life already 4 months. I know I hurt you deeply. I apologize for anything that I hurt you.

When you said to me that you deeply hurt when I rejected you without thinking made you felt as a failure, …. I’m really sad when you said this to me. Maybe I’m too stupid to word my quotes without thinking your feelings. I hope we can just hanging out, chit chat, tea time and karaoke together like usual as sibling.  You are a good brother. Take cared me about everything. But so sorry, I’m not the suitable type for you. I hope you can found another girl better than this stupid emotional me. God and me will bless you~ 

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Gathering (3 Bestari)

          Today is a great Sunday morning to all my family members!! All of we have our own activity to go~ Daddy and Mummy having their sweet date at Genting Highland with my aunt and uncle. My eldest and second brother has their own activity to do. And me!! Gathering with my ex-classmates form 3.  Actually just simple gathering. Only watching movie and have a little chit chat at Kepong Jusco.

          At the first, I think only four of us (Form 3 Crazy Buddies) but there a lot of other people join in too. Yulie, Shi Wen, Kelvin (my dummy little brother) and two boys that I did not know. Just let it go. More people more fun. This is the first time my little brother  joined me hang out with my friends. It feel a bit weird and annoying cause he is a troublesome boy.

         We planned to watch ‘倩女幽魄’ movie. But before we had a lot of trouble to fix it up first. My little brother and Shi Wen are not aged enough to watch this movie. So sorry to Yulie and Shi Wen for accompany my little brother watch other boring movie, ‘Rio’ at the last. I know my little brother was troublesome. By the way, thanks a lot to them.  

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Friday, April 22, 2011


为什么狮子座是十二星座中最伟大的星座 ?

如果您是阳历7月23日至8月22日出生的人,那么恭喜了,您是了不起的人。为什么说了不起呢? 证据就是古代埃及在十二星座中只选择了狮子座建造人面狮身象。那是什么意思呢?狮子代表皇者,每一个动作都在影响别人和展现高贵气质。影响是什么?影响就是领导,别人就得服从!狮子也是十二个星座中最热情的人。热情可以融化一切,所以老天的目的是让狮子培养一颗伟大的心灵﹐发挥自身的天赋和创造力﹐展现自我才华﹐创造出自己的成就,创造成就的目的就是捍卫正义,捍卫正义使这个世界更美好!

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I’m Not Perfect

Can anybody tell me who thinks his/her-self is 100% perfect? Perfect mean an occasionally called the retrospective to avoid confusion with the perfective aspect, is a combination of aspect and tense that calls a listener's attention to the consequences, at some time of perspective, generated by a prior situation, rather than just to the situation itself. Did anybody have this all factors? Nobody was prefect no matter how you look like, age, gender or race.

I’m not perfect and I’m also a loser. I don’t have perfect face, a perfect look and also perfect personality. So what!! But I feel perfect to myself. That was already enough to me for motivate. I had no reason to push myself to be your perfect person. I just want to be perfect person to myself only. “Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.” This quotes impact me to looked clearly to myself. Before I lived under other people influence but now I won’t anymore. I want to be ‘myself’! A girl live with own lifestyle and personality. ‘Perfect’ actually is an evil~ A lot of people tried hard to catch up this word but they don’t realized actually perfect was just a word.

“In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful.”

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New Clothes for My Baby Bloggie♥

Firstly, sorry to my baby bloggie for abandon you for a quite long time. Secondly, I apologized to myself for missing many moments to share it on my bloggie. Thirdly, sorry to my friends who always cared about me and I not replying them. I have my own reason because from March to April I’m busying with something that I need submit it as soon as possible. Hope they all will forgive me and I know they will. ^^

Back to topic, did you all see any different about my baby bloggie? I changed a new template to my baby bloggie. I’m using black as a main colour to my baby bloggie. I did this new template using one day one night to finish it. Oh my god I have to said to this new template because a lot of html and css to checked and putted in. (Att: If you don’t understand, you sure can’t done this all.) When I’m in progressing, my eye and my brain damn tired when try to understanding and putting html and css in my new template. But, is already worth when I see my new baby bloggie have a new face and different about her.

Other than that, I’m also changed my new banner, music, picture and also widgets in my new template. Did you hear the song in this blog? Is Love Me from Yiruma, a famous korean pianist. Damn love this song and relax when heard this song.

End my word at here, don’t forgot to leave your footprint at here. Bye bye. ^^

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Hang Out with my N.S friends

9th April 2011 – Hanged out with my NS friends at Midvalley Shopping Centre. Had a little excited before meet them but actually not liked what I expected. Oh my god!! Really boring! Not them, it was the MidValley Shopping Centre. There was nothing to brought, nothing to play and nothing to fun.

We just walked and walked with no target to go. But I happy meet them, Jie Kai, Jocelynn, Winnie, Samantha, Chui Theng and her friends, Wawa. We watch a movie call, 鬼也笑.  A horror and funny movie.  When watching this movie, Chui Theng, Wawa and I just scream when had horror parts. I don’t know why I scared, before I watched any horror movie I didn’t felt any scared at all. Maybe this cause by N.S life. Hehe~~ After watched movie, we had our tea-time at Kim Gary Restaurant.

After they left, Joeann came to MidValley to join me. Both of we just liked silly girl walked with no target too. Sorry to Joeann of boring her. We ate ice-cream and had a little chit chat then we went back home. Just that simple. Oh my GOD! Midvalley really boring nia~ I had to agree it.

Back to home, haven’t taking a bath also, my elder brother took me for dinner at outside with my second and youngest brother.  We go prison-breaks restaurant for our dinner and we just ate 3 plated of potatoes widgets. Wtf! Just potatoes widget as my dinner? Actually, we called only two plates of potatoes widget and a plate of chicken chop but the stupid waitress made mistake. Oh!! Just ignore it. After finished my dinner, we brought Mc Donald set to parents as their snacks.

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The Day of SPM Result

23th March 2011 – The day of my spm result out. I woke up at 7.30am morning to prepared having breakfast with my ex-classmates Form 5 Bestari, Yukie, Tommorow and Rupini at Mc Donald. We also planned for hang out after took the result. Everybody looked like relax only but actually we all feel at the time but we just acted nothing only.

 I just hoped my additional mathematic subjects didn’t failed only. This was my weakness and I not worried about other subjects. We went to school at 10.30am morning to took our spm result BUT holly shit!! I can’t go in to school because of my hair colour. Damn bullshit to the guard and the new law!! Because of this spm result I’m just recoloured my hair to more dark. I’m very mad about this.
Then I called my mum came to school to helped me took the result but when my mum arrived to school, the stupid stupid guard open the school gate and lets us (me and some people have hair colour) in. What the hell he doing!! He wasted my mum and my time. Damn bullshit!!
Okay, anything just let it go~ It was not the right time to get angry to him! Hurried up went in the school hall and took my spm result. When I was lined up to took my result, my heartbeat damn fast and nervous to know my result.

At the time my result is on my hand, the first subject I looked was Additional Mathematic. Oh my god! My Add.Math got C~ Oh, god bless me~ That was the first time I get C mark in Additional Mathematic. I was so happy because my add.math subject never passed before.  My spm result is good but not too good because my Additional Mathematic, Ekonomi Asas and Prinsip Perakaunan get C marks.  
After got my spm result, we hang out to Time Square Shopping Centre and I brought a lot of goods. I had a long time didn’t be a shopaholic. The feeling was come back at that time. Was a great day~ ^^

This was my spm result and my documents~ I end my high-school life~ Wee~~
Everybody was waiting to took spm result.~

My lunch at Kim Gary Restaurant, Time Square. I love chicken wings and mango ice.

Piss. Hang out with my buddy. ^^

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National Service Closing Ceremony Group 1, Series 8, Year 2011

12th March 2011 – Today was our last day lived in National Service Kem Bina Semangat, Kuala Kubu Bharu. Tomorrow all of us (trainees Group 1, Series 8, Year 2011) will leaved this place back to our own life and home. That day liked usual, lined-up at padang kawat waiting for commander gave some speech then sang Negaraku, Khidmat Negara and Satu Malaysia songs. I represent Chinese race to pronounced pledge. Once commander end his speech again, we all showed our last wired. From that moment, Happy Graduated to all trainees Group 1, Series 8, Year 2011. We are The Best! ^^

Click here to view all photo

We throw our beret~ At the end, we graduated from National Service. ^^

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mesra Ria (N.S Prom Night)

10th March 2011 – The night of the most excited to all trainees. It’s a prom night. Everybody dressed handsomely and beautifully at the night including me too but I didn’t make-up. Everybody damn busy with made themselves to be most pretty or handsome at the night. I wore a red colour baju kurung lend from my Malay friend. Many people said I’m really suitable with it. Maybe cause by my red colour hair. They was many performance at the night and I love the most was been show by Doomic a beatbox boy. His beatbox show really amazing and attract me. Love his show. Catherine and I running around photo with other friends. That night was the greatest nigh in PLKN. Sweet memory nia~

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9th & 10th March 2011 – Wirajaya is an activity that we needed to stayed at jungle for one day one night. Before, our coach teach us how to use compass, cooking and medical. Then, we given a jungle tracking bag with a water bottle, camp and a frying pan.  We needed to lined-up a 4.30am morning so we needed to wake up at 3.00am morning. It really early and my eye still felt heavy. Everybody woke-up wearing full uniform and make last confirmation for their things.

            We started jungle tracking at 7.30am morning. In the jungle, we needed to keep silent and not to screaming and pickling anything at jungle. Beside than that, we need to get down when heard sound ‘Bom’ no matter where we are. I’m done great cooperation with my partner, Winnie and Jocelyn Lee and also whole team members. After we done our mission, we get out from jungle and started build camp.

            We just  given two knife, some planks and some rafts to build the camps. We need build eight camps, a logistic, a toilet, fence and a mini kitchen. Oh my god! We just only girls how we going to done this all!! Yup, we really done this all using by ourselves strengths. Really amazing when we done this all didn’t lose than boys. But the problem was our camp didn’t stable and easy to collapsed.  We keep hard to build our camps and we enjoyed every process at the moment.

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Kembara Berhalangan

25th February 2011 – Kembara Berhalangan can say was the most stimulation game ever that I played in National Service. How said? Erm~~ It was about a team and cooperation between a group. It was also related about a team marks. We played it so hard and also enjoyed the process even we felt in the water and become wet, injured and also dirty. Because of this game also made many girls and boys getting fever. Felt a little weak. Haha~ I’m played damn hard and at the last our team ‘Bravo’ wins the champion of this game. Our team was so happy and excited at that day. Miss that moment. ^^

This was the stage 1, Vault. We need to cross this first before to next stage. This was the easier between the other stages.

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Flying Fox

18th February 2011 – Actually, I’m really learnt a lot from National Service. It made mature, independent , fatter (holly shit) and happier. This was the one of my favourite ofthe all activities I done before. Guess what activities was that? Hmmm… I heard someone call me stupid girl…. Hahax… Ya! That was flying fox.

I’m played flying fox at National Service. Although it not very tall and high but the feeling at that moment was very amazing. This was better than genting the most highest game. I swear! When coach called us line-up to played this game. I just liked a woman who was rushing to get their discount items. Lolz~ Liked sinchan mama… I rushing damn fast to line-up at the front.

That moment I flying down was damn amazing and feel so free. I hope I can played it more but I don’t know where have this game to play. Searching searching~~ ^^

Jocelyn , me and Lei Ying

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M-16 Riffle

17th February 2011 - Wohoo! This was the first time I holding M-16 riffle. I'm damn excited and nervous at that day. We went to shoot at Kuala Kubu Bharu. We are given 20 point bullets to shoot. We began to depart at 8.00 am by bus to the there.
I brought a lot of junk food to there because I knew I had to wait my turn until a new long. As usual, we take a picture and joking. When my turn came, I went to shot stage and started to lean over floor. One of the army girl guided me how to holding M-16 riffle. Then, we waited for the commander to order to shoot a board.

When shooting started, I'm damn excited when I shoot the first bullet out. I focused the board carefully when shooting the second bullet. When finished shooting, we waited for the commander to commanded us to woke-up. I got 67/100 marks for my shooting score.  An average marks to me. Congratz to Ng Yong Leng, my buddy who got full marks for the shooting score. He already can become a skillful killer. Wakakaka ...

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


14 February 2011 - Why do I write the blog title, "My Very Special Valentine First and Last Day Ever '? Because this is the first and last time I celebrated my Valentine at the camp of National Service. I used a lot of Valentine's Day celebrated with my ex-boyfriend, but not like this very special and warmed. That day was a very special day for me. I celebrated with my friends in the National Service. Thanks to the Xheylie’s mother because they helped us buy a Valentine's cake, and cooking great food for us.

As usual when we got quite a lot of delicious food in front of us, we will surely be a hungry ghost ate a hurried and do not be polite. We ate happily and joke around. After finished eating, we began to take the Valentine cake and start capturing images. Normally, we are super cam-whore models. Haha~ After posed with cake, we brought the cake out of our dorm to the dining hall to find our boy buddies, Jie Kai, Leng and Aaron to celebrated together.

Valentine is a Valentine's Day the most special to me and can’t be repeated again.

From Xheylie's mother : Happy Valentine to Xheylie and Friends in NS.
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Volleyball Competition between KKB NS Kem

12th February 2011, Kem Bina Semagat, Kuala Kubu Bharu held a friendly match with Kem Pelangi Hill, Kuala Kubu Bharu. Cikgu Zul (our volleyball coach) has prepared an evil practice to our volleyball tournament. Oh my god! Large hall ran 20 times, 100 times the pumping, touching the floor three levels of training every 10 times and if at the time of digging training the ball fell to the floor to be pumping 5 times. The training has taken my life. Before, I joined basketball competition practiced also was not so difficult.

In those days, we have begun our training at 8.00 am to 12.00 noon. We all really enjoy the exercise, though difficult, but each process is to bring joy to us all. Teacher and we had such a good friend.

Arrived at 2.00 pm, Kem Bina Semagat, Kuala Kubu Bharu has invited many collages came to our camp to reach out for us. Our camp is the best camp facilities and comprehensive Kuala Kubu Bharu, so that we get such facilities. Hehehe ...

Until 5.00 pm, volleyball tournament has started. I feel very stressed and nervous because I'm not pro in this game. Once when I was chairman of the school's basketball club and competition, while now all of a sudden switch to volleyball practice and not just in one month practiced made me feeling depressed and scared.

In the end, our camp has been won by 2-0 decision. I was very happy because I did not expect to win. Thank you for the evil practice that Cikgu Zul was given to us. Finally, muscle pain I have is worth. ^ ^

Kem Pelangi Hill, Kuala Kubu Bharu already reached to our kem and they started warming-up.
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Photo Session (National Service)

28th January 2011, the day held a photo session for instructors and trainees NS Group 1, Series 8, Year 2011. On that day, everyone was pretty well-dressed and ready to capture beautiful pictures and beautiful.  We are not only very happy but we also sing songs and companies of the respective companies of which the bet is more powerful. We just like kind of a small boy.  Unfortunately, I did not bring camera at the time, otherwise I have to catch a lot of pictures as memories of the time.

After the photo session, back to their respective class modules. In class that day was the last module, feel very happy that no longer needed to always felt asleep in class. In the final module grade, teachers were given a letter for us to send greetings back home or to their friends.

At first, I want to write letters home, but due to feeling awkward, so I chose to wrote to my friend, Wilson and Catherine. They are my best friend since childhood. I am not sure of their address, so I hope that my address will be safe to send it to them.

My last out of the National Service, Wilson told me that he was very surprised when I received a letter from.
Hoho ~ ~ ~ God Bless me safely at the end of the letter has been received. Xixi ....

Instructors and trainees Kem Bina Semangat, Kuala Kubu Bharu.
Group 1, Series 8, Year 2011.
Start trained from 2nd Jan to 13th Mac 2011.
(Damn miss that moment)

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

PLKN Pemangkin Generasi 1 Malaysia

25th January 2011
Majlis Perasmian PLKN Pemangkin Generasi 1 Malaysia,
Where was held at Pusat Konvensyen Antarabangsa Putrajaya (PICC)
Attended by Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor, Datuk Dr. Abd Latif Ahmad,
Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and
33 000 PLKN coach from some kem which only located at Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Melaka.
Our kem was one of in-it,
kem only choose 200 PLKN coach to the event for represented our Kem.
And I and Xheylie (Chinese friends) only in a part of them.

We woke up at 3.15am morning for prepared to PutraJaya
because PutraJaya quiet far from our kem

We reach there about 9am morning,
And the event was started at 11am morning.
I and Xheylie walked around PICC
and we played escalator from upper floor to down floor.
Unfortunately, we didn’t snap it down our moment at there
Because we don’t have camera and handphone around us.
But we enjoyed every moment when we at there.
Just slept liked a piggy when we on the bus back to our kem.  

This was one of the picture Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor for openening ceremony.

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My Day in National Service

I been choosing to Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (National Service)
The place I went was Kem Bina Semangat, Kuala Kubu Bharu

04th January 2011, gather at Stadium Majlis Pembandaran Petaling Jaya
Took my luggage already waiting at there about 8.45am morning
Waiting for my friends, Lei Ying who same kem with me
Bus started the engine about 9.15am
My feeling really upside down at that moment

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