Monday, March 21, 2011

My BFF in National Service

I'm very glad that I been choosing to National Service
If not, I can't have a lot of bff at there
We slept, ate, gossip, played, showered, defecatedshared feeling, cried, laughed, made noise and many more done together every second in there...
Without them, I didn’t knew what was the mean of “FRIEND

FRIEND is a tender shoulder
On which to softly cry
A well to pour your troubles down
And raise your spirits high

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Universal Studio, Singapore

My pica♥ at my aunt house, Johor Bharu.
Wearing National Service Volleyball Jersy

It’s was already a long time I didn’t blogging because I was in National Service
I miss my bloggie damn a lot (3)

13th March 2011, the day I graduated from National Service
At the first, I planned went to Education Fair at MidValley with my friends
But, when my parents came fetched me…
I said to my parents that I want hang out with my friends later
My parents said to me that when I was arrived home…
 I need to packaged “again” my clothes and travel to Singapore
Oh my god~~ Damn happy when heard this news…
I love my family

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Re-open FB Page

Wuhoo!! Good News to myself and also my friends
I’m re-opened my facebook page
This time, my facebook page is a bit different than my previous one
What the different of both?
Hahaxx~~ Previously, I set my facebook page as a Community Page
But this time I change my facebook page as Personal Blog Page
There’s the different between both
Now, my facebook page will catch my blog together
Both are my the most entertainer

Welcome to join my Facebook Personal Blog Page
That my very pleasure you to join in O(_)O~
Click HERE below to link-in to my facebook page

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