Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CNY Hang Out

Hehe... Snap snap to myself first~~ ^^
Sabp with Elvene and Bee bi

07th February 2011, hang out with Elvene and Bee Bi at One Utama shopping centre
There a few months I didn’t saw them already
Everybody had their busy themselves
Working, Worming and National Service

We meet up together at 10.30am morning fetch by my mummy
We arrive their about 11am morning
We planned to watch 2 movies and sing K
We brought two tickets 神奇侠侣 and HK  
Before waiting for the movie time, we went to Neway Karaoke to show off our voice
But sadly, Neway is full booking
How sad we are especially Bee Bi

We watch two movies on the same day~~ 神奇侠侣 and 我♥HK

We took our breakfast at Secret Recipes
Elvene ate Tomyam, Beebi ate sate fried rice and I ate Tiramishu cake
We chat and shared a lot about our things
How long, we didn’t hang out like this
Sitting together and shared our feeling out
I really appreciated every moment time

Took breakfast at Secret Recipes.. My Tiramishu... Yummy yummy~~
Me and pretty Elvene ice lemon tea and Bee Bi fresh milk...
After eating, time for we shopping
Elvene and Bee bi looking for new purse and I looking for Sasa Shop
Other than that, we also brought a lot of things
Fifteen minutes before movie 神奇侠侣 started, we waited at the movie entrance there
While we waited there, a lot of people seem like looked at me
Maybe because of my clear red hair
Or maybe they look at pretty Elvene or cute Bee bi… Haha
We just keep laughing and laughing only till the end for both movie

After watched movies, we went to Chili’s Restaurant for our dinner
We ate the same food and drank the same drinks
We continue chatting again… Hehe…
We are gossip girl haha~~

Dinner at Chili's restaurant~~
Chili's Margarita Bar~~ ^^
Weehehe~~ Chili's for steak~~ Steak for Chili's~~ ^^
Drank the same drinks~~ Ice lemon tea~~ We are Ice Lemon Tea lover~~ ^^
Ate the same steak~~ Yummy yummy~~ ^^
Bee Bi with steak~~ ^^
Elvene with steak~~ ^^
And me with steak~~ ^^
I want eat liao~~ Look childish with this pica~~ Sigsa Yaggan Opeun!! ♥

After dinner, we continue shopping while waiting my daddy come fetch us back to homee
We still brought a lot of things before back
And also don’t forget my favorite dessert too
Fritti Totti, ice cream yougurt

Thanks Elvene and Bee Bi hang out with me for this Chinese New Year
Wish you have a great life in CNY and find you ‘soulmate’ too ^6^

 My Booties  
But a set spoon fork to myslef bring back to PLKN~~ ^^

Eyelid tape that i find a long time ago~~ haha~~

My nail want sick jor~~ Need buy some vitamin to for my lovely nail♥

Daiso Japan~~ Everything RM5~~ Haha~~