Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2011's CNY Day 1

Wuhoo!! Happy Chinese Year..

I felt a strong Chinese New Year aura everywhere when I woke up
I woke up with a sweet smile face and keep smiling a day long
Haha… Maybe I too appreciated every moment with my family
This is the first time I had this feeling
Why? At the last I found the answer
Because I already knew what is the importance in a family
That is a strong relation between every family member
Maybe I leave my house too long so I become more appreciated whenever everyway anytime with them
Haha… I become crybaby already…

Oops… That too far away in my topic…
Went to my aunt house for my breakfast…
Actually is lunch because I woke up too late
In Chinese New Year’s law, the 1st day must be vegetarian
So, today I’m a nun… Haha
  After eating, stayed in aunt’s house
Saw my uncle on the preparation for ‘立春
My uncle said to me that the egg will stand up when on the right time
I never saw before the egg stand in front my eye
So, I decided want tried it
Before, I waiting for the right time egg stand
Got a group of girls whose just on the way to teenagers came to my aunt house for angpao
Other than that, they also look up to my second brother
Haha… My second brother really shame when they trying to ask for his name
But, I not really like their attitudes
No way, just feel because I the type the girl of like jealous and stingy... Haha…

The clock pointing 12.35 noon
My uncle, “Mei (that me), is the time now.”
Wow… I took an egg put on the floor tried to balance the egg
But I don’t have patience and I just tried to balance 5 mins only…
Then my cousins help me to balanced it
After 3 mins, WOW!! The egg really stood
It so miracle…
I just keep capture and capture only…
Haha… Happy…

Can u see it? The egg really stood up~~ Very impossible~~  Will try next year again~~ ^6^

When the clock pointing 3.45pm liked that…
Oh my god!! My head feeling pain
I started feeling not well
No else… Tried to get a nap for kick away my headache
Slept until 6~7 pm, my mum woke up me and called me back to home for bathing
After bath and dressed up, back to aunty home for dinner
After dinner, my cousins brought back some sky lanterns
I wrote my wish at sky lantern
And I wrote, “Hope Kelvin (my little brother) become a fatty boy”
U must feel weird why I wrote this
Haha… Actually just wrote for fun… No other…
At the first the sky lanterns can’t flied up
But at the last, the sky lanterns safety flied up and up
Watching the sky lanterns became smaller and smaller
In my heart I wished, “I hope everybody always in a good mood with a good health.”
That the real hope in this 2011’s Chinese New Year

Wishing again to you, 
Happy Chinese Year

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