Friday, December 10, 2010

Who is the real joker of this game ?

Who is the joker of this game ?

There’s a few time I didn’t blogging already~~
I want share a lot of moments at my blog~~’
But now, there had something more important things that I wanted shared it first~~

Recent, there a case make me feel so sick~~
Yesterday about 4.30am open my facebook and playing game~~
After playing decided went to my friends profile catch up the newest news~~
When I go to catch up Amelie profile~~
Suddenly, I see she post some weird things at her profile~~
I still guessing who she talking about actually~~
Until I saw her blog, I click in and catch up more~~

What The FXck!! Actually she saying all of this is about me~~
When I touching her temper again??
She saying so so badly about me~~
At that time my tempers reach to the maximum~~
I facebook massage her what was the hell going on~~
She said I’m saying about her first~~

Wait a second!! What time I say about her at my blog~~
I didn’t say anything at all~~
She conceived that the, “Overmuch Bitch” that I wrote on my blog is her~~
=.='' I’m silent for everything~~
Who say to her that the bitch is her??
Everybody knew that bitch is who I talking about~~
I talking my other friend and if you don’t believe it you can try to ask the other peoples~~
And I lazy to explain everything~~
She don’t even investigate first before she taking action~~
She just heard from somebody and decided that the bitch is her!!



Someone not asking me anything and saying some un-logical thing to Amelie~~
Oh my God!! I really sick about all of this now~~

Who is the masking king now??

Who is the real joker of this game??

Playing magical and confusing between our friendship~~
This really made me feel so scared~~

YA!! I saying that I and Yukie, we maybe will not join for farewell~~
But I said “MAYBE” is maybe~~

YA!! I admit that I and Yukie got gossip about Amelie~~
But we gossip her is all just only about of working or apply job~

YA!! I like to gossip~~
So what!! Everyone love gossiping~~
Who don’t like to gossip~~
But when I gossip it out, I will intrepidity admit this all~~
But I will just only admit that I say it out form my MOUTH before ONLY!!

If I fake of everything, then who is the most faker between us~~
I confusing who is that bitch trying to tell this all stupid silly things~~
And I already lazy to find it out~~
I really tired!! I really really tired!!

We all actually the same!! Hypocritical~~
We all fake between each other~~
I hate play this and I won’t anymore~~
I give up and just become a loser quit from this silly game~~

Crazy, Dummy and Foolish!!
How stupid we are actually~~
Amelie, she said to me that we have same interest~~
Ya!! We really have same interest~~
But we also have the same personality too~~
This personality is the main point about all this game happening~~
We gameness, narrowness and can’t accept criticize~~
Both of us are stupid and silly~~
How funny we are!!

Just a few minute ago, I got a sms from my friend~~
He said, “当朋友对朋友中间出现了不忠诚时。。。一段的友情就会很轻易的被破坏。。。
Ya~~ That was true~~

Now, Amelie and I just like in this situation~~
I tried before being best friend with her but because of time, place and topic that we don’t match it~~
We hard to communicate each other~~

Now I already 17 years old~~
I don’t want to look back to my past time~~
Everything happened just let it become a past time~~

Just 1 more week, we already a real teenager~~
I don’t want to think many this silly things anymore~~
Trashiness , depose and childish~~
I will keep playing my life with my own way!!
I still insist on my own way!!
That who I am, Chency Ccy~~


  1. y i must forgive oso?i am not 妓女!!!

  2. she too over to say the thing like that!!

  3. Tommorow: So you mean that i'm the prostitute?? Sorry lo!! I'm not lo!! Please think about first before say it out lol~~ Lan diu!!

  4. Tommorow: Ya!! I admit that she too over saying like that!! But i wrote this didn't mean that I forgive her lol!! And I also didn't call you forgive her~~ You like to do what is up to you because I can't control your mind and everything!! And I insist again that please think first before say it out~~ I know that maybe that not your mean but your grammar mistaken will make me blur in what you say!!

  5. Joeann: Thanks comfort babe~~ ❤❤

  6. 我不是那个意思。。。 算了吧。。。也没有必要再为那种鸟事而吵了。。。