Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shopping at One Utama with My family

18th December 2010, today I went shopping with my family~~
My little cute brother already want went to One Utama shopping centre many day because he want to search on Nike shoes~~
But my mummy not really support him because mummy thought that my little brother still in a growth process so will be not suitable to wear that expensive shoes~~
Actually, I not really understand why boys really like to buy Puma, Nike, Adidas and more??
Just because of the fame of quality and wear??
Erm~~ Can’t understand~~
My second brother want search his new bag~~
At the last, he brought a bag a Extreme shop and my little brother brought a pencil box in Extreme shop also~~
Mummy brought a handbag at Parkson and she really love it~~
She just fell in love with the first look~~
She always said me that I like to buy thing with first look love but she also same with me~~
So~~ Conclusion I got this genre from my mummy~~
Today I didn’t buy anything because there nothing for me to brought~~
I already have anything so I didn’t have anything to bring back home~~
Wah!!! One in a thousand time saw me do like that~~ Hahaha~~
Actually today I cleaned my room, I found that actually I had many things already~~
Dresses, hats, caps, spectacles, lens, wallet, bags, watches, rings, necklaces, earings, phones, shoes and many more~~
This all make my room there’s no more place to stay in~~
I headache with all this thing~~
I had no more idea to let them stay in my room~~
My room is FULL BOOKING~~
Oh!! Shit~~ Headache~~
There still had many dresses I haven’t wears before and some I already forgot it~~
Oh my god!! How waste am I~~
Now, “maybe” I will stop buying things first~~
After I out from PLKN then I will continue buy again~~ Wakaka~~
Oh ya!! There’s now a target for me to have it~~
That is a Supra shoes~~ I want buy it and bring it out to my next week trips~~
But I still can’t find it~~ I hope I can’t search it soon~~

See the attention!! This is my brother want to buy soon~~
Hope he can get his new shoes~~ Wakaka~~

This is One Utama decoration~~
Erm~~ Not bad i gave comment to it~~

Chirstmas gift tree~~ Where is my christmas present ne~~
Wakaka~~ O(∩_∩)O~

I love this mini mini house~~ Warm feeling~~❤❤

See this guy posting~~
Haha~~ Funny!!
He make his eye big big because he want compare his eye with me~~
Haha~~ Cute~~ My little brother~~❤❤

See my spectacles collection~~
I collect them together and capture them when I was cleaning my room~~
I love this photo so much~~ Piss❤❤

Back from shopping + cleaning my room + raining + wear stocking +
open air-cond  + facebooking + snapping~~❤❤
Muackzz this picture~~ ^^
Without make-up and posing with one of my spectacles collection~~ ^^

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