Saturday, December 11, 2010

I tired!!

I tired of everything~~
And I hate to explain everything~~
I don’t want to explain anymore~~
OKAY!! Everything is true~~
What I said in my blog also true~~
Yayaya!! I saying Amelie is that bitch~~
Whatever!! I don’t care anymore~~
Just let it happen like you all think about it~~

Yukie, no need explain everything for me ~~
And apologize to Swenie or Liana~~
Sorry for misunderstanding you~~
But I still stand from my side to look out for all this thing~~

Elvene, sorry for didn’t reply your massage~~
But I won’t tell you my answer and I won’t reply you~~
I need self-possession~~
Try gave me some time to think about it~~

Really confused!! All this thing coming too sudden~~
This sucker thing made my mood so moody for many day~~
Before, my mood was really great and happy~~
So, I just want my mood back like past time!!
That just I want right now!!

I don’t want to know what was happen anymore~~
I don’t want get apologize from anyone anymore~~
I don’t want heard explain from anyone~~
I already tired of this!!
I don’t want to play with you all anymore~~
Queasiness, Dummy and Foolish!!
And I don’t want repeat my word anymore~~
Whatever you all want do what, that not my business anymore~~
Not more!!
Actually our friendship just liked bullshit!!

I will remove you all in my facebook friends list first~~
INSIST: “I remove you all didn’t mean that I angry with you all. I just need some time to think about our friendship only.”
If you all have something important to find me , just fb msg me or sms me. I will try replied you all.

Give me 3 months time~~
When I back from PLKN (March) ~~
The time of we take SPM result~~
That will be the time to tell you all my answer~~
If I automatic add you all back~~
That mean we still friends~~
But I won’t do that!!

This is the last time massage to you all~~
Thank you!!

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